Davy and Love

Davy Jones

Here for the first time are Davy’s own thoughts about the exact kind of girl he will choose to spend his life with. While he dates all different types, his special girl will have to be neat and sweet, and have long, shiny hair.

Love is probably the most important thing in Davy Jones’ life. Of course, he doesn’t have any special girl right now but that’s only because he hasn’t found the one he wants most of all.

As you can well imagine, Davy is friends with many, many different girls, yet in all the girls he’s met he still hasn’t found all the things that will make him someday realize that here she is at last!

Davy’s so sure that his dream girl is just waiting to be found he doesn’t even date, at least, not in the way most people think of dating.

Instead of phoning a girl in advance and saying, “Would you like to go to the show on Saturday night?”, he’ll probably call on Saturday and say, “I’ll be over in five minutes. Let’s go play pool at my house or go for a drive by the beach.” This way Davy gets to be friends with lots of girls without getting hung-up with someone who isn’t the one he’s been waiting for.

Davy likes all kinds of girls because he’s discovered that the color of a girl’s hair or her height have nothing to do with the girl herself. He’s much more interested in what goes on underneath her outer appearance. However, like all guys, there are a couple of things that make him turn and look a second time and think, “Maybe this could be the one.”

One of these is long hair. Davy likes long hair very much, no matter what color it is, and if you’ve got it you can bet that you’ll catch his eye. Just as important is shiny hair because Davy doesn’t like anything that isn’t spic and span. That goes double for any girl he happens to go out with.

Davy’s a very, very neat person, both about his own appearance and the things around him. He’s always putting things in order at home, even though he hires people to do that, too. Even after recording sessions he checks to make certain that everything is back in its place and cleaned up. It’s the same with his car, his dressing room—everything.

Because of this, the girl Davy finally falls for will have to be as sharp as he is. Davy feels that if he can be as neat as he is with his impossibly busy schedule other people can be too.

Along with the neatness and the cleanliness, Davy digs being natural. He likes girls who look natural, (that means just a bit of makeup, but not too much), and who act natural. He wants a girl who will like him for himself, not because he happens to be famous. He wants a girl who can be natural enough so she can forget she’s out with a star and just remember that she’s out with someone she likes.

Davy likes a girl who will listen to his ideas and yet not forget her own while she’s listening. He’s found that many times people will think that because he’s a star everyone ought to agree with everything he says. Davy thinks that everyone ought to have their own opinions about things and not copy other people’s. He digs individuality because being individual is what makes any person worth knowing

Davy Jones

Davy wants a girl who will be very conscientious about doing everything well that needs to be done. Davy is one of the most conscientious people in Hollywood and no matter how much he doesn’t want to do something, if he’s supposed to do it he will—and he’ll do it as well as it can possibly be done. Davy wants the girl of his dreams to have this quality in large amounts for it’s something that’s very important to him.

As you can see, the girl who wins Davy will be a very unusual person. She’ll be the sort of girl that has made herself into someone other people look up to for she’ll have brought out in herself the same qualities that have made Davy the star he is.

She could have black hair, or blonde hair, or even pink hair for all it matters to him. She could be tall or short, younger or older these things just don’t matter to him. If she’s natural, neat, conscientious and all the rest, she’ll be the girl he loves.

Magazine: Fave
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 18, 20–21