Davy’s Future

Davy Jones

What will Davy be doing several years from now? Here’s a peek into our own crystal ball.

Davy, though he is super multi-talented, is also so very changeable that it is impossible to predict what he will be doing ten years from now. But we can pretty much narrow down the possibilities to the following three:

First, it is very possible that Davy will become a big Broadway star. He might very likely continue in show business and become one of the few really great superstars in history.

Second, whatever turn Davy’s career may take, he will probably settle down to a personal home life—the marriage he has dreamed about with a wonderful lifetime partner and a large family. (Maybe you will be that special “someone” who will share Davy’s personal life!)

Last, but definitely not least, Davy might well become a highly successful businessman and open a nationwide chain of ZILCH stores—just like his original boutique at 217 Thompson Street in New York City.

Whatever Davy does, we all wish him the best of luck—and we know that he will be a smashing success!

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 12