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New L.P.

“Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd.” is the way-out title of the boys forthcoming L.P. A release date had not been fixed at press time but the titles of the thirteen tracks on this new L.P. are:

Side 1:
She Hangs Out
The Door Into Summer
Love Is Only Sleeping
Cuddly Toy

Side 2:
Hard To Believe
What Am I Doing Hanging Round?
Peter Percival Patterson’s Pet Pig Porky
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Daily Nightly
Don’t Call on Me
Star Collector.

Major film planned for February

The Monkees hope that they will have completed all filming for their present television series on December 22. Provided that they meet this deadline, they will take the whole month of January off before they start filming their first major Hollywood movie at the beginning of February.

Bob Raefleson [sic] is writing the script for the film and he recently moved offices so that he could be left alone to concentrate on the job. He says that the basic idea will be somewhat similar to the television series, i.e. he will pick on a series of incidents which the Monkees will handle in their usual crazy fashion.

Sammy sends Micky a cat

Samantha Juste left England early in November for Australia. After her trip “Down Under”, she intends to settle in California and she sent a load of luggage plus a cat to Micky to look after until she arrives. The cat is a beautiful Siamese which Micky has christened appropriately “Sam”! It disappeared one day last week and he could not find it anywhere no matter how hard he looked. But next morning, there it was sitting underneath his house.

Mike stopped by police

Mike was stopped by the local police the very first day he went out driving his new Radford chocolate brown Mini which he bought in England when he was over here for the Wembley concerts. The police said that his black tinted windows were an “obstruction of justice”. But once Mike had pointed out to them that he could see through them just as easily as with ordinary windows, they let him go.

She was a he

Davy bought a beautiful little German Shepherd puppy which he named Suzy. But, shortly after it arrived, Suzy upped and ran away. When he’d finally given up all hope of finding her again, Davy bought another German shepherd puppy which he also christened Suzy—until he found out a week later that Suzy was a boy! He’s sent it to a school for dogs to be house trained.

Davy has finally decided NOT to buy the ranch in Malibu after all, instead he’s concentrating on redesigning his house in the Hollywood Hills.

Davy was recently hit by an R.C.A. truck right outside the film studios and knocked off his Triumph 450 cc motorcycle. Fortunately he only bruised his leg.

Monkees songwriter

Diane Hildebrand, a very pretty, auburn-haired American girl songwriter of 22, is currently in London with a stack of her songs. She has written several with the Monkees including “Blues and Greens” and “Going Down”, the ‘B’ side of their latest single.

She tells us that she has also worked on another number with Peter Torke.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 11
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19