When the Monkees are around, there’s bound to be excitement! Still pouring in by the carloads are letters from fans who got to meet the Monkees last summer. Most of the mail reads much the same: “I always liked the Monkees until I saw them in person, but now I LOVE THEM!”

It’s true about Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike. The more you’re around them, the easier it is to see their many talents come to life… and underneath all their performing abilities are four fine young men.

Big plans are speeding ahead in the Monkee camp. There’ll be more week-end concerts around the country; the Monkees will make a feature film this spring as soon as a good script is completed; they may go on a fab tour of the Orient next year and all the boys are excited about this.

Until you get a chance to meet them in person, be sure to stay tuned-in to MONKEE SPECTACULAR, the next best thing to having a Monkee in your living room.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 3