Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart Dream About a Forest Filled with Monkee Trees

Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

Hey, FLIPers, we had this wild idea!

What if the world were a forest and every person were a tree. Do you know what kind of trees we think the Monkees would be?

Red Woods.

No, Bobby, each one has to be a different kind of tree.

Oh, well one would be a weeping willow. Micky I guess would be a weeping willow.

No, Bobby, weeping willows are sad and Micky’s not sad.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Micky must be a gum drop tree. Isn’t that right Tommy? And Davy would be a eucalyptus tree.

Yeah, Micky’d be a gum drop tree, but Davy’s too little to be a eucalyptus. You know they’re pretty big trees. He’d have to be something like a christmas tree. And Mike would be a tall oak tree, don’t you think?

No, Mike should be something from Texas, Tommy, like a cotton wood tree. Yeah, Mike’s a cotton wood tree.

That leaves Peter, Bobby. Maybe he’s your weeping willow.

Yeah, ’cause you know a weeping willow isn’t really weeping, it’s just hanging there.

OK, and you, Bobby, you’re the tall oak tree.

Then you must be some kind of a bush, a burning bush. Isn’t there something about a burning bush in the Bible? Yeah, you’re a burning bush.

And all the FLIP fans out there are prairie grass.

Well, enough of this nonsense, we’ve got work to do. You know other people beside you and I and the Monkees are recording our songs. Trini Lopez has recorded “I Wanna Be Free” and the Four Tops have “Last Train To Clarksville” on one of their albums.

We’ve completed a fantastic 10 city tour of our own, about the same time as the latest Monkee tour, and now we’re going to hole up for about two weeks and write and record.

We have to go to New York and film the “Tonight Show” and some other television talk shows and we’re supposed to tour Europe, but it keeps getting postponed.

Yeah, but if we don’t get some songs written pretty soon everyong [sic] will be yelling at us for tunes. Let’s go.

Hey, FLIPers, maybe next issue we can tell you all about one of our recording sessions.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 37