How Davy Has Changed

Davy and Marcia Strassman have been friends since he played in “Oliver” on Broadway. In this exclusive interview she tells how Davy has become more warm and wonderful in the time between the play and the Monkees’ TV show.

(Hey kids, you remember Marcia’s hit record “The Flower Children”!)

  • Davy Jones, Marcia Strassman
    Could a girl ask for more? Davy’s playing his newest song for me. I can’t wait until I hear it on the newest Monkee album. Outasite!
  • Davy Jones, Marcia Strassman
    Pretty soon I got into the act. Davy started teaching me some of the vocal parts of the song and I thought we were great! Hmm, I wonder if we could make a record together. David Jones and Marcia Strassman together. Ah, dreams!
  • Marcia Strassman, Davy Jones
    Help! Bet you didn’t know Davy is a great wrestler, did you? He’s unbeaten by anyone his own size.
  • Marcia Strassman, Davy Jones
    We’re admiring the flowers in his new yard. Right after this we had the biggest flower fight ever seen!
  • Marcia Strassman, Davy Jones
    Here we are outside Davy’s new home near the beach. It has room for as many horses as he can want.
  • Marcia Strassman, Davy Jones
    My favorite comedy shot. Davy’s always clowning around with his friends. I’m glad I’m one of them.

Davy and Marcia Strassman have been friends for many years, from the time when they both lived in New York. Here Marcia tells about her friend, David Jones.

Davy Jones, Marcia Strassman

How did you meet Davy?

I met Davy in New York when he was doing “Oliver!”. A very close friend of mine was in the show with David and he introduced us. I was interested in acting, too, and professionally I thought Davy was the best thing in the show. He had a very vibrant personality on stage. We became very good friends then, as close as we are now, and that’s why the friendship has kept up.

Davy Jones, Marcia Strassman

How has Davy changed since you’ve known him?

He’s always been a very warm, sincere, wonderful human being. Now he’s just more and more of these things. He cares more for his fans than anyone else I know and he’s always going out of his way to give an autograph or talk to a fan, whenever he gets the opportunity. He’s like this with everyone. Once you’re David’s friend, you’re always his friend and, even if you haven’t seen him for a couple of years, once you see him again it’s like you’ve never been away.

Marcia Strassman, Davy Jones

Have you and Davy ever dated?

No, never! David and I are just friends and that’s the way it is with everyone. He just doesn’t date as such. If you’re his friend he’ll come over and pick you up and take you to play a game of pool or something but it’s not like a date at all. Even in New York I never knew him to date. For one thing he just doesn’t have the time because of his career and for another he’s not interested in getting tied-down with anyone at the moment. He’s friends with everyone but that’s as far as it ever goes. He’s always sweet and kind, too; he’d never hurt anyone in the world for anything. He’s just a true friend to everybody.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 4, 60