Happiness Is

Note: This is for Ann & Michelle in Granada Hills, California. Their Fave Raves letter (September Fave) titled “Bad Year”, spoke of downbeat things that happened in 1967 and ended with a plea, “Let’s try to make the rest of the year as good as we possibly can.” Their wish is answered! Below are just a few really upbeat happenings sent in by fans all across the U.S. Many thanks to everyone who wrote “happiness” letters. Space does not permit naming all those sending words of cheer.

The Beatles didn’t change—just their faces! . . . Charley Coe, Joe Jr. and Freddy Weller joined the Raiders . . . Keith & Kevin (The Monroe Twins) have happened . . . Davy isn’t being drafted!! . . . The Monkees went on tour AND, back to regular TV. They’re making new records all the time. Monkee Spectacular and Fave Magazines made the scene . . . New groups with groovy music are being formed constantly . . . We have those luvable new faves Jay North, Kurt Russell and Ricci Martin. “Maya” was made into a weekly TV series—starring Jay! . . . The Association came up with another hit . . . Ringo and Maureen had their second son . . . Phil, Smitty & Drake formed The Brotherhood . . . Engelbert Humperdinck was introduced . . . Twiggy took over . . . Herman’s Hermits did a U.S. Concert tour and appeared on national TV . . . Jon Provost has grown into a living doll!! . . . Dino made his first movie . . . Mike and Phyllis are expecting again . . . Micky bought an old English bus to have fun with . . . Dino, Desi & Billy played their hearts out again all the way from Hawaii to Atlantic City . . . The Beatles and Monkees met and became good friends . . . Peter Tork bought a new M-G in England . . . Angela Cartwright will soon be recording . . . None of the Monkees got married!

Happiness IS!!!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 3