D’ja Know Your Fave…

Here are some outasite scoops on all the groovy guys and gals

Here is your chance to tell Candy Cotton which of the faves pictured here each month you want to see MORE of in future issues. You will find each of the 17 fave pictures numbered. All you have to do is write down on a separate piece of paper the numbers of EACH FAVE you want to see back in next month’s magazine. Mail the numbers, with your name and address to D’JA KNOW YOUR FAVE, c/o Fave Magazine, 1800 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 90028—Attention: Candy Cotton.

Noel Harrison is an Olympic skiing champion and once drove in European sportscar rallies.

Herman hopped from his Smothers Brothers TV appearance in Hollywood to his concert at Anaheim, California via handy helicopter.

Sally Field [“The Flying Nun”) learned to surf for her TV series “Gidget”. She loves golf and haunts art galleries.

John Davidson’s idea of a groovy date is to drive along the ocean in a convertible when the moon is full.

Barry Whitwam, Hermits’ drummer, digs working on cars and boats.

Charlie Coe is crazy about pistachio nuts.

Stanley Livingston, “Chip” of “My Three Sons” is a fancy high diver.

Lek may be the world’s dart throwing champion.

Keith was personal houseguest of Sonny & Cher in Hollywood. He had to have a map to find his way around their mansion!

George Harrison painted his house in wild pop art style. It keeps Starlings from roosting on the roof!

Leonard Nimoy’ (“Mr. Spock”) receives 12,000 fan letters a month!

Rick Huxley sometimes pilots the plane on the DC 5 tours.

Jeff Hawks does a fabulous impression of Marlon Brando.

Frank Converse (“N.Y.P.D.”) once sold motor scooters and eggs for a living.

Sajid Khan made his first movie at age three. His main goal is to have all the American hamburgers he can eat.

Samantha Juste Dolenz

It takes Samantha Juste 45 minutes a day just to brush her hair. It is 29 inches long!

John Leyton who was a pop English idol before the Beatles, says he is tone deaf and can’t read music.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 14–15