Peter’s Childhood Pix

A sentimental backward look at one of your very fave stars with his very fave “Grams”

  • IOU / I, Nickie Thorkelson promise to give Peter Thorkelson 2ยข for gambling. / Nickie Thorkelson
    Isn’t this darling? It’s an I.O.U. that Nicky gave Peter—when Peter was eight years old—as a promise to pay Peter two cents Nicky owed as a gambling loss!
  • Peter Tork
    Here you see Peter marching with his Boy Scout troop in Mansfield Center, Conn. Peter was 12. Can you find him? He’s in the center of the picture!
  • ANOTHER BIRTHDAY? I don’t believe it
    We all have certain possessions that are close to our hearts—and Peter’s birthday card to me (when he was 14 years old) is very dear to me. He made it himself—and you see here the outside and the inside of the card, signed Pedro.
  • You’re getting YOUNGER by the year / Mucho amor, Pedro
  • Christopher Thorkelson, Peter Tork, Nick Thorkelson
    This is from my “family album.” It shows Peter, when he was 14, with his arms around his brothers Chris (four years) and Nick (twelve), in the living room of Wynward Hill Farm in Williamantic, Conn. (“The Thread Capitol of America”!). Peter was a freshman at Wyndham High School when this picture was taken.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 7
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 28