Special Scoop on Davy

Davy Jones
Here’s Monkee Davy Jones! He’s got some qualities that are all Davy. And they will help him all through his life!

From Davy’s past come these facts and big surprises!

Davy Jones is 5'4", weighs 120 lbs., loves girls, is terribly funny and is a natural-born Monkee! That’s all very true—everyone knows these things! But there’s something about Davy that no one knows, mainly ’cause Davy’s far too modest to admit it! But we found out all about it! So now we’re going to pass it on to you—a very special scoop on Davy!

Davy, and don’t tell him we told you, is one of the most generous people in the whole wide world! If he likes you, and he likes everybody, he’d take the shirt off his own back to give to you. That’s just the way he is! And he never wants anything back for the things he does for people. It even embarrasses him to hear people say, “Thank you!”

Take the new house that Davy’s father lives in, for example. It’s a present from Davy! Mr. Jones could have had any house he wanted—anywhere he wanted to live! He wanted to stay in Manchester near his relatives, so Davy found him a nice house in suburban Clumber Road at the better end of Manchester’s Gorton district. And it’s the only detached house there!

Mr. Jones is so proud of it, and of Davy, too! And Davy’s so happy that he got his father to move there from the old house they had lived in at 20 Leamington Street. You see, Davy’s father developed chronic bronchitis four years ago which forced him to retire from his job at the railways. And the old house was so close to the factory, all Davy could think of was to move his dad away from the smoke—which isn’t good for his condition!

Then there was the time that he came home from America and said to his sister Hazel, “Pack your bags, we’re going to Majorca!” It was on such short notice, everyone was flabbergasted! But, Davy wouldn’t take no for an answer. He arranged everything—including getting the passports, which no one had. Then he took his whole family to Majorca—expenses paid by Davy, of course!

His brother-in-law tells the story about how he admired some special shirt covers that Davy had. That was all he had to do, and when Davy got home he sent a whole batch to him! Needless to say, his brother-in-law was just thrilled!

But, people who know Davy aren’t even surprised by his amazing generosity—anymore. They all know—that’s just Davy!

Magazine: Star Time
Editor: Alice Craig
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: A.A.A. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 17