You Said It

(Hi! This is Ginger again, Luv, back with MY favorite column which is written by WYE-OH-EWE! I’d love to print one of YOUR letters here, so pleez write to me at the following address: FIFTEEN’S SEZ WYE-OH-EWE, 8383 Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Calif. 90069. I’ll be waiting to hear, Luv—Ginger)

Fifteen’s true stories!

Davy Jones

Dear Ginger:

FIFTEEN is my favorite magazine because I know that what you print in it is true! In the September issue you had a wild and wonderful story about Davy Jones and how he was “kidnapped” by a gang of kids out on a scavenger hunt. The story might sound too crazy to be true—and yet it was true. How do I know? Because I was there, at the Sunset Strip supermarket, and saw the whole thing take place. Dave was wonderfully good natured about it, and everybody had a ball! Please keep on giving us these true and exciting stories.

Annette Forbush,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Annette,

If you’ll remain a Faithful Fan of FIFTEEN, I’ll see to it that more stories appear in each and every issue!

Luvs Monkee fun book

Dear Ginger:

I just received my Monkee Fun Book Number One in the mail, and it’s more than I hoped for. I’ve bought seven books about the Monkees, but this is the first one that was worth the money. Thank you for printing such a groovy book.

Cheryl Simms
Denver, Colorado

Dear Cheryl,

I knew you’d love our very own Monkee Fun Book. If anyone else wants to get in on the fun, see the ad about it on page 9.

Monkee problem

Dear Ginger:

I saw in the papers that the Monkees were tossed out of their London hotel on account of all the commotion they caused, and the inconvenience, and stuff, to the other guests? Was this true?

Holly Gomer,
Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Holly,

For the true facts on this story, get out your mirror, polish it up, and read SNOOPSVILLE SCOOPSVILLE on page 10 in this issue.

Procol Harum huh?

Dear Ginger:

The names of some of the coolest singing groups are so crazy! Where in the world do they dig them up? For instance, “Whiter Shade of Pale” is the grooviest tune yet, but what is “Procol Harum?” Is it somebody’s name? A new breakfast food? A new dance step? Or what?

Dagmar Elliston,
Racine, Wisconsin

Dear Dagmar:

You’ll never believe this, but “Procol Harum” is Latin for something like “beyond these things.” The five grooves in the group aren’t all that classical and intellectual. They named themselves for the pedigree name of their Siamese Cat, which in turn was named from the Latin!

Loves loves loves “The Seeds”

Dear Ginger:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a groovy story on those super groovy guys, “The Seeds.” They not only sound great, but they look great. Will they have a new album out soon?

Billie Craven,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Billie:

I agree with you about The Seeds and I’ll keep you up to date on their activities. They do have a new album coming out soon. It has already sold 100,000 copies in advance of release.

Engelbert who huh wot?

Dear Ginger:

What is an Engelbert Humperdinck?

Liza Akron,
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Liza:

An Englebert Humperdinck is a people! It has jet black hair and grass-green eyes, and it was born in Madras, India, 27 years ago. It sings up a breeze, such things as “Release Me.”

P.S. It also has a wife and two children! Sorry!

Goodbye Rolling Stones

Dear Ginger:

The Stones have always been my favorites, but I’m real shook up that Mick and Keith have to go to jail for using LSD, when so many other pop entertainers, such as Paul McCartney, talk freely in their printed interviews about using it. Why do Mick and Keith have to go to jail?

Ron Dietrich,
Long Island City, N.Y.

Dear Ron:

To get a conviction, in court, there has to be concrete evidence, with witnesses. A London newspaper put the finger on Mick and Keith. The paper was running a series on the use of drugs by musicians, and (probably figuring it would prove their point by having an actual case to talk about) they tipped off the Police that a “party” was to take place at Keith’s home. More about this next month.

Paul McCartney–Jane Asher

Dear Ginger:

What is the latest on the Paul McCartney–Jane Asher marathon romance? Will they ever get married?

Lyn-Ann Dobey,
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Lyn-Ann,

Your guess is as good as mine! All I can tell you for certain is that they still see each other. Jane dated all over America on her recent tour with the Bristol Old Vic company, and Paul dated all over London while she was gone. Yet he made a flying trip to the U.S. to visit her on her birthday, and met her with many warm kisses at the airport on her return to London.

Snoopsville Scoopsville

Dear Ginger:

Your magazine is the livingest end. But how can I read SNOOPSVILLE SCOOPSVILLE without my mirror steaming over? Isn’t there some other way to decode your gossip? I mean, some way I can do it sitting down?

Miss Double-O-Seven,
Westport, Conn.

Dear Miss 007,

Yes. Hold a bathroom mirror in your lap.

Wants wallet pix

Dear Ginger:

A girlfriend of mine has just received a package of 64 wallet pictures which she says came from FIFTEEN. Is this true? Can I get one of these packages for my own? I want to get the SAME identical set of pictures, however, because I collect Davy Jones pictures, and there are five pictures in this set I’ve never seen anywhere before.

Betty Murphy
Philadelphia, Penna.

Dear Bette,

Yes, you can get a package full of wallet pix by sending a one-dollar bill to FAB OUTASITE WALLET PIX, 8383 Sunset Strip, Hollywood California, 90069. I will personally see to it that you receive all the identical pictures your girlfriend received.

Magazine: Fifteen
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Publisher: I.D. Publications, Inc.
Pages: 48–50