Pleez Help Me Help Davy

Davy Jones

This is a plea from me, Ginger Sommers, faithful Editor of FIFTEEN, to YOU, faithful fan of Davy Jones! Pleez read every word very, very carefully!

S.O.S.-S.O.S.-S.O.S.! The Frantic Flag is up again here in the sizzling, crackling offices of your fave Fifteen.

You’ve never let me down before, so please, pretty please rally to The Cause now, when I need you most!

By “Me”—I mean Davy Jones and me!

Davy is lonely!

You may not believe it, but take it from me, this is absolutely so. I’ve been lucky enuff to be around the Monkees a good deal, and I know almost every twitch of their eyebrows. I know when Peter has missed a good night’s sleep, and when Mike is restless and homesick for Texas. I can tell by the look on Micky’s face when something is troubling him.

And as for Davy, his life is an open book to anyone who knows him!

The current hangup of this most luvable Monkee is the same old problem, old, but always new with every new popular fave who hits the scene. Davy wants a steadfast, loyal and true girlfriend, someone to share his innermost secrets, to tune in on his innermost thoughts.

But where could he find such a girl in the glitter and tinsel of frantic Hollywood?

Up to this time, I happen to know that it’s been Davy’s bad luck to have dated many girls who, never forgetting his fame and fortune for one l’il moment, think he digs nothing but super-sophistication. Many of them treat Davy like a Wise Guy, whereas he’s really just a Little Boy Lost.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something about it. And you can help, luv! Yes, you! How? It’s simple. You only have to do one little thing. All you have to do is write to Davy! That’s all!

Write to him, please, pretty please? Just for me, who slaves so long over a hot typewriter (hah!) to bring you the latest and most fabulous tidbits on all your faves!

Let Davy know what kind of person you are, what kind of thoughts and dreams and hopes and disappointments you’ve had. Let him know that you’re a real person, and that you care tremendously about him and his problems.

You can take it from me, a personal letter from you would mean a lot to Davy. He’s just come in from a long and exhausting personal appearance tour where he’s been besieged by thousands of wonderful girls, without ever getting to really know any of them. He wants your compassion, your words of gentle understanding. Write anything—just whatever is in your heart. But write!

This will be an extra-spesh letter for an extra-spesh purpose, far removed from the ordinary letters that go to the Monkees office directly. This letter will be a love letter from you to Davy, pouring out your love for him and telling him he has someone who really cares!

You’ve got to take my word for it, but I can tell you that Davy needs this very badly right at this time. So pleez sit down and send him a letter, right now. Send it to Davy at his OWN PERSONAL ADDRESS which is printed for the very first time on page 14 of this fab issue of your fave FIFTEEN! Pleez do me this favor and write to Davy. I’ll be eternally grateful, and you’ll make a mini-Monkee happier than words could ever describe.—Luv, Ginger.

Magazine: Fifteen
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Publisher: I.D. Publications, Inc.
Page: 10