Last-Minute Flashes

BEATLES-UP-TO-DATE: Ed Sullivan started a furor when he referred to Jane Asher (who accompanied Paul McCartney—and John and Cyn and Ringo and Mo—on a holiday trip to Greece) as the aforementioned Mr. McCartney’s wife. As we go to press, the answer is still no, not so, but don’t be surprised if the answer is yes very, very soon. Julian Lennon, who went along on the trip to Greece, received a beautiful gypsy caravan wagon drawn by two white horses as a gift from his dad. The wagon was decorated in a multitude of lovely colors in what is popularly called a “psychedelic” art design. Some of the Lennons’ stuffy Sussex neighbors hated it—but Julian loved it madly, proving himself to be a young man of excellent taste . . . Twixtime, out L.A. way, pretty Pattie and gorgeous George Harrison spent a few days visiting friends. While there, George accompanied his guru, sitarist Ravi Shankar, to a press conference, and later sat blissfully through Shankar’s 2 ½-hour concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Saddest news of all, Sonny and Cher Bono lost their expected baby. All 16-ers send their deepest sympathy to Sonny and Cher . . . Hope you don’t miss Jim Valley’s first Dunhill single Try Try Try. It’s really good, and his next single promises to be even better . . . Tip to the hippies: don’t buy monaural LPs. Any stereo LP can be played on any kind of record player, monaural or stereo. Stick with stereo; it sounds better on any machine! . . . DD&B set a new daytime attendance record when they played Atlantic City’s famous Steel Pier this summer. Congrats, cats! By the by, Dino’s flick A Boy A Girl will not have a general release because its producer, John Derek, feels that it is an “art film”—so if you don’t have an arty type movie house in your neighborhood, me luv, you are just outta luck . . . David McCallum gave 16 the scoop by telling our editor Gloria that he and his fiancee Kathy Carpenter will wed around the end of September or early in October . . . Upset in the Procol Harum: Ray Boyer and Bobby Harrison left the group. Gary Brooker, Mathew Charles Fisher and Dave Knight are adding a new drummer (Barry Wilson) and guitarist (Robin Trower) to the group. Denny Cordell continues to direct the PH record sessions and Keith Reid supervises everything.

Chris Jones will star in AIP’s movie about a rock ’n’ roll idol who becomes President and gets the vote for 14-year-olds. Working title: Citizen 14. Barry and Cynthia Mann, who wrote Shades of Grey, Kicks and Hungry, will write the tunes for the film. At the behest of Mike Nesmith, B&C will prolly be doing more tunes for the Monkees . . . No, babe, Mark Lindsay does NOT have 12 cats. He has one lovely little kitty named “Beauty” (alias “Eli”). “St. Thomas” stayed at Terry Melcher’s house, along with his buddies (Terry’s cats) “Leetle-Lay” and “Graymawr” . . . NBC-TV double feature: on October 24 at 7:30 (EST)—Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night and Jerry Lewis’ Cinderfella . . . Write to Keith and Kevin Schultz at Box 1214, Beverly Hills, Calif.—and guess what? You’ll get an answer. They’re two super-groovy guys . . . Guess who lead singer Luke R. Yoo of the Yellow Balloon really is? Don Grady—of My Three Sons fame. Come out from behind those dark glasses and sidies, Don—we spotted you! . . . Once upon a time Chris Crosby made a date with a pretty blonde. She broke, it by telling him that she had flipped over a “tall singer”—and that was that! Several years later Chris met the blonde again. She was Mama Michelle. Oh, yes—meanwhile she had married the tall singer. He was Papa John!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 62