You’re Telling Me

I want to assure each and every one of you who have ever written a letter to me, at 16 Magazine, that every single letter is read and that careful consideration is given to everything you write. I’m sure you understand that there isn’t enough space in my magazine for me to publish every letter and that there simply isn’t enough time for me to answer every letter personally. But please know that I’m deeply grateful to you for writing me and that I appreciate every suggestion and criticism you address to me. Write to me as follows; Miss Gloria Stavers, 16 Magazine, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022

Dear Miss Stavers,

Could you please tell me how I can get a MONKEE sweatshirt? I’m dying to get one!

Carlo Kilbey
Trenton, Ohio

Dear Carlo,

If you can’t find one in your local department, dime or variety store, ask the owner to write to Pembroke Mfg. Co., 350 Fifth Ave., New York City, and order a supply for you and your gang.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I just love the FIFTH ESTATE and their record Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. Could you print their picture and tell me how to write to them?

Helen Greeley
Springfield, Ill.

Dear Helen,

Here are RIK, DUCK, WADS, FURVUS and D. WILLIAM—all of the fab FIFTH ESTATE. You can write to them at Real Good Prods., Suite 905, 1697 Broadway, New York City.

Miss Stavers,

My mother brought in the mail the other day and I saw something for me from 16 Magazine lying on top! It was my Monkee Private Picture Book—and it is sensational! I got so hung up on it that I burnt my lunch, but I didn’t care cos when I finished my Monkee book I felt as though I really knew Mike, Micky, Peter and Davy!

Debbie Povick
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Debbie,

You’re a dear for digging it and for thanking me. Any other of you 16-ers who want to get hung up MONKEE-wise, turn to Page 11.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Please print this picture of a New York couple who can swing up a storm and who are just getting started. They are called the LOVIN’ COUPLE and their first single, Winter In My Heart, is on Bell Records.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I lost the address of PETER ASHER’s London book shop where you can order CHARLIE WATTS’ and JOHN LENNON’s books—not to mention quite a few other nice English goodies. Could you please print that address again?

Betsy Grady
Memphis, Tenn.

Dear Betsy,

Indica is located at 102 Southampton Row, London WC 1, Eng. PETER will be glad to hear from you and help you if he can.

Dear Miss Stavers,

What’s shakin’ with the RAT PATROL guys—they’re my fave-raves.

Mara Snyder
S. Orange, N.J.

Dear Mara,

The show will continue next season with its groovy cast (including GARY RAYMOND and CHRIS GEORGE, pictured here). CHRIS will also do a movie for Paramount.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I like long hair on boys, but when it comes to wearing a pony-tail with a bow ribbon on it—well, that’s horrible! My parents saw MARK’S picture and they say he’s going too far. I think he is handsome and a wonderful singer, but couldn’t he cut his pony-tail?

Sue Miles
Buckingham, Va.

Dear Sue,

To cut or not to cut?—that is the question. I’ll leave it in the hands—as it were—of my millions of 16 readers. Ill [sic] let you know later how they voted. Meanwhile, you 16-ers write and tell me what you think MARK should do.

Davy Jones, Debbie West’s mom
Info Deb’s mom & friend

Dear Miss Stavers,

Please print this pic my dad took of my mom when they met DAVY JONES, when they were all vacationing in Nassau. Mom sez DAVY is a darlin’.

Debbie West
Wilmington, Del.

Dear Gloria,

We were deluged with mail from your readers after you ran our address. We would like to try to help all 16-ers, who so desire, get a British pen friend, but your readers must enclose 15ยข for postage in each letter or we simply will go broke from buying enough postage to answer back. O.K.?

J. Cowley
Official Monkees Club
30A Horsefair
Smallbrook, Ringway
Birmingham, Eng.

Dear Miss Stavers,

What is QUESTION MARK’s real name and where can I write to him?

Bettina Oldham
New York City

Dear Bettina,

? (that’s right) is now the legal name of RUDY MARTINEZ, lead singer of ? THE MYSTERIANS. You can write to him at Cameo-Parkway Records, 250 W. 57th Street, New York City.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 3–4