A Day in the Life of Davy Jones

Davy Jones

Are you ready for a Dreamy Day, a Just Too Lovely Day, an All Too Wonderful Day of Days in which YOU are alone with David Jones? No need to pinch yourself—it isn’t just your imagination working overtime. It’s really, actually happening to YOU! You and Davy are Alone Together right now… right here.

At last—believe it or not—Davy Jones has a day all to himself, or rather, all to yourselves—because today you are invited to share the private world of “Davy Jones at home” with Davy.

Davy begins this day in not too good a mood, but that doesn’t make it any different from any other day. You see, Davy is usually somewhat grumpy when he gets up in the morning. But you’re not disheartened, cos—as you well know—the roaring tiger turns into a purring pussycat as soon as he’s had his “morning feeding”. For brunch today, Davy has selected corn flakes, bananas and milk—easy to fix, and besides, it’s Kelloggs!

Noontime finds him in his bathing trunks and strolling out to the gorgeous pool by his English-type, white wooden “cottage” high in the Hollywood hills. David’s new home is completely rustic, with not only a white picket fance [sic] around it but also a real, old-fashioned thatched roof overhead.

Davys [sic] delight is to stretch out in the sun by the pool and rest for hours. You don’t mind, because even if there’s not much conversation there are lots of “good Davy-Jones-type vibrations”—and besides, where else on earth could you find a better view? Just before the sun sinks into the bright blue Western skies, Davy suddenly wakes up and rolls over and—splash!—he’s in the pool. But don’t be alarmed. That’s just another one of his pranks. Davy is quite a good swimmer and you can rest assured that he’s quite all right.

Well, enough of this peace and serenity! The cold water fills David full of beans again and in a matter of seconds, he’s all spruced up and you’re hopping into his GTO—and you both are flying down the hill toward the bright lights of the Sunset Strip! Davy might take you just anywhere, but you can count on it that his first stop will be a groovy restaurant. Tonight Davy is in an “Italian” mood, so its quite likely that you’ll be dining at either Martonis or La Scala—both world-famous for their candlelit atmosphere, superb Italian dishes and star-filled tables and booths. In fact, youll [sic] probably rub elbows with such stars as Dino Martin, Jr., Sonny and Cher, Dino Danelli and Sally Field.

Later, Davy will cruise down the Strip until he sees a club advertising a good rock ’n’ roll group, like the Jefferson Airplane, or an individual singer such as Dionne Warwick. Before your day with Davy has ended, you will not only have shared a time of fun and laughter, but you will also have gotten to know just a little bit more about this very dear and wonderful young man who brings so much happiness to so many people. And maybe—if you’re lucky—you will have left a little bit of your own personal happiness with him.

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 4