Group Gossip You Won’t Believe

Hi, there! I’m back again with more scoops, delightful little tid-bits, the whole scene—but as I see it! Without wasting any of your time (or my precious space), here goes . . .

Micky Dolenz
Info Micky Dolenz

THE MONKEES are surely among the most colorful groups around! DAVY JONES’ Hollywood flat is decorated completely in bright royal blue! And in MIKE NESMITH’s dressing room at the TV studio, red and white flashing lights have been installed! Eye-catching, that is! . . . More on THE MONKEES . . . Bet’cha didn’t know that MICKY DOLENZ used to be a car mechanic, specializing in the Mercedes-Benz! . . . or that PETER TORK almost always plays cards while traveling by plane! . . .

Davy Jones, Sally Field, Gary Lewis
Info Davy Jones, Sally Field, Gary Lewis

See if you can check into this one . . . Seems I heard tell that BEACH BOY BRUCE JOHNSTON’s Rolls Royce is different from all other Rolls Royces. He bought it, you see, from Lou Adler (who produces THE MAMAS AND PAPAS’ records) who bought it from BRIAN EPSTEIN, who got it from RINGO, who got it from JOHN, who got it someplace! If you followed that, you’re pretty good! At any rate, it’s a nice car! . . . Being a pop star is dangerous business! THE WHO’s PETER TOWNSHEND was rushed to the hospital recently to have some stitches in his head! He’d thrown his guitar in the air during a particularly exciting number and guess where it landed!?!

ALAN PRICE, (if you can remember that far back) left THE ANIMALS because of his fear of flying. Now that he has his own group and his own hits, the flying questions come up again. Alan’s decided to give a try at hypnosis to help him overcome this giant-sized fear! Good luck, we say . . .

HERMAN’s parents are planning to buy a seaside hotel, which they’ll also run! I shouldn’t be surprised if Herman himself appeared whenever he had some free time! Remind me to find out exactly where that hotel will be and make reservations! . . . THE SEEKERS’ gal singer, JUDITH, is crazy about bike-riding as long as the weather is good . . .

A barber in Beverly Hills, Calif. was offered $25 for just one lock of MICK JAGGER’s hair! The barber had to refuse the offer, ’cos THE STONES cut their own hair . . . afraid, according to him, that a professional barber will take too much! Hair-raising idea, isn’t it? . . . The latest popster to get married is MICK of DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH! Doesn’t look like there’s anybody left!

DAVE CLARK finally had a long-time wish come true. He directed the film you may be seeing in your theatres right now called “THE DAVE CLARK FIVE Hits in Action.” It features several of their hits in the background as the boys themselves water ski, ride horses, clown around, etc . . . Your RAIDERS have certainly been getting lots of gold albums lately . . . last I heard, their latest was the third in three months! . . .

CHER’s hair is getting longer and longer . . . WALKER BROTHER JOHN MAUS is really hooked on car racing! He’s even adapted his own Marcos for racing and plans to do a lot of it! . . . THE HOLLIES had to turn down in the neighborhood of $800,000 worth of appearances because drummer BOBBY ELLIOTT was too sick to work! GRAHAM NASH’s comment was, “We’re all irreplaceable.” Obviously! . . . ERIC BURDON is currently being called the “mini-Buddah” . . .

THE SEEKERS may be doing an acting role in a movie if current negotiations come through as planned! They’ll have a special song to perform as well as some lines tied in with it! . . . TROGG REG PRESLEY’s wife Brenda is a real fan of the boys! She even goes to their concerts and screams right along with the rest! Real loyalty there! . . .

The barriers of pop are finally down—for good, it seems! THE TROGGS, THE SMALL FACES, CAT STEVENS, MANFRED MANN and THE ALAN PRICE SET have all taped personal interviews and performances to be shown in Russia! They’re now negotiating for more tapes to be done by THE KINKS and DAVID AND JONATHAN, to name just two . . . WHISTLING JACK SMITH isn’t a group now, but he used to be. No, that’s not quite right, either. What he used to be was the road manager of UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO. According to him, he was Unit Four Plus Two’s Batman!

’Nuff said for now! I’m off to collect more goodies for all you good people. Till then . . .


Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 20–21