Group Gossip You Won’t Believe

Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork
Info Micky, Mike, Peter

Hello, once again! I’ve really got some fab scoops and surprises this issue . . . wait till you read and see! Warm weather seems to bring out the gossip in everybody . . . and I’ve been right there to collect it all! Okay, I won’t waste any time—here’s what’s new . . .

In a MONKEE nutshell . . . MIKE NESMITH is belt-buckle mad! The bigger and flashier the buckle, the happier he is! . . . As for MICKY DOLENZ, he’s quite delighted with himself and his new hobby—song-writing! “I’d never written a song before because I didn’t think I could,” he told me. Now he knows better . . . PETER TORK has taken to doing exercises to keep himself in shape . . . and DAVY JONES has purchased a silver ring which he wears on his wedding-ring finger! But I don’t think he’s marriage-minded, so don’t get all worried and upset!

PETER BLAIRE NOONE has grown up an awful lot since he formed HERMAN’S HERMITS four short years ago! His comment on his new-found maturity . . . “The little-boy image I was saddled with was a bit of a drag . . . like going to a pub when you’re fifteen and asking for a pint!” Peter’s new image is that of a nineteen-year-old millionaire-playboy! And it’s no image—it’s really him!

When THE WALKER BROTHERS took off for their tour of Australia and New Zealand, they were mobbed by no less than one thousand adoring gal-fans at the airport! Things got so bad, the boys had to take quick refuge in the gents room! And to top it all off, their plane had engine trouble and they had to turn back once they were finally air-borne!

KEITH RICHARD of THE STONES is having landlord trouble. He told me, “I have to be as quiet as a mouse in my London flat. No parties—nothing! I’d be evicted otherwise. And I really can’t be bothered looking for a new place!” Poor Keith . . . I know plenty of girls who’d be happy to help him out . . . Fellow STONE BILL WYMAN has his share of problems, too! He’s a real cleanliness bug . . . and has to wash his hair at least two or three times a week! Don’t try to get near him when he’s sudsing up, either. “I like to concentrate completely on what I’m doing,” Bill told me. Who said you can’t squeeze water out of a stone?!?

Davy Jones, Vanessa Russell (Robyn Millan)
Info Davy Jones & Friend

DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK AND TICH were banned from playing “The Loos of London” . . . a track from their LP . . . on a British TV show! Said Dave, “There’s nothing immoral about the song . . . though it may be a little immodest!”

GEORGE AND PATTIE HARRISON have found themselves a real retreat—miles away from anything and anybody! It’s a beautiful eighteenth-century farmhouse owned by Mrs. Diana Jones (who happens to be Pattie’s mother and a staunch Beatle fan) . . . THE BEACH BOYS’ own recording company is called Brother Records. BRIAN WILSON will provide the creative direction for the label and will sign other artists as well as The BB’s . . . THE RAIDERS seem to love pie more than almost anything else! I’ve heard they eat great amounts of it—and it doesn’t seem to hurt their “figures” one little bit! . . .

THE TROGGS want to go back to doing one-night ballroom engagements—so they don’t lose contact with their fans . . . THE SMALL FACES’ drummer got hit in the head with a glass during a recent concert! Quite a shattering experience, to him . . . MIKE D’ABO, a MANFRED MANN, likes to dine in style and with good company. When I asked him who he’d invite for a posh dinner for eight, he listed THE BEATLES, CARY GRANT, SARAH MILES, MEL TORME and himself. Sure wouldn’t mind sitting at that table myself!…

THE WHO’s KEITH MOON may just be the snazziest dresser this side of anything! He’s known for wearing a purple silk shirt, grey slacks, a top-hat and a Batman cape when performing . . . KINK RAY DAVIES has thousands of five-line songs hidden under his bed at home! They’ll never be finished—and they’ll never be thrown away! Ray, you see, begins a song by writing it down. Then, in a flash, he knows how the rest of it will go! “So why bother to write the end?” he asked. At the rate he’s going, he’ll wind up sleeping on the top of a double decker in very short order!…

PAUL AND BARRY RYAN’s new home in Kensington is in the final decorating stages. The prize finishing touch is to put spotlights in all the rooms—that change color according to the boys’ moods! . . . RIC ROTHWELL of THE MINDBENDERS is one of the most careful drivers around! Guess he still hasn’t recovered from the near-accident he got the group into awhile back when he fell asleep at the wheel and almost drove them into a ditch!

ART GARFUNKEL (SIMON’s friend) was delayed in coming to England about a month ago. He just couldn’t cut some special classes in the university he attends! Ah, learning! . . . THE MAMAS AND PAPAS seem to be getting more and more conservative in dress while THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL seem to be getting more way-out! Wonder what it all means—if anything?

Well . . . enough is enough for this issue! See for you the next!


Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 22–23