The Lo-Down

Babies are making news this month. Mama Cass (Mrs. Jim Hendricks) announced the arrival of her daughter, Owen, on April 26 at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood (by the way, no truth to the rumors that the Ma’s & Pa’s are breaking up) . . . Ringo and Maureen expect their second child in August . . . The Gene Pitneys are also expecting . . . Most likely to wed: Betsy Doster and Peter AsherSharon Sheeley and Gordon Waller (they are pictured here at the premiere of Paul Jones’ movie, Privilege) . . . Speaking of SharonsPaul Revere showed his lovely wife, Sharon, New York City for the first time when the Raiders were in NYC to do the Ed Sullivan Show. Wondy!

Most likely replacement for Smitty on the drums of the Raiders is Joe Correro, Jr., super-flash drummer formerly with the Board Of Directors. More about him later . . . Apologies to adorable Action Kid, Jeri Lyn: she really did date Davy Jones. They met at Scottsdale, Ariz., over a year ago when Davy did Action to promote a single record he had cut called Girl From Chelsea. When they returned to L.A., Jeri Lyn dated Davy several times, but it was nothing serious. To this day they’re still very good friends . . . One of Davy’s recent dates was Deana Martin. (Hope you dug her latest Reprise record, When He Remembers Me—it’s straight country and western, and it’s a groove.) . . . Meanwhile, back at millionaire Martin’s Beverly Hills mansion, Dino, Jr., had to lighten his hair slightly for his starring role in A Boy A Girl. Blond, brown or brunet—he’s still a beauty!

Back to babies for a minute: turns out that Jim McGuinn is married, after all. His lovely young wife’s name is Dolores and their son is Joseph McGuinn, III . . . And here are a couple of engagements: Hermits Barry Witwam and Keith Hopwood have got themselves pledged. Barry’s fiancee’s name is Dale and Keith’s is Penny.

My selections for stardom this issue go to the Happenings (am wild about their single, I Got Rhythm). You can write to them at B.T. Puppy Records, 1790 Broadway, New York City . . . Vinnie Basile—his first record is Gypsy Girl, recorded at Davy Jones’ Records Ltd. Vinnie, who was blinded at the age of eight, hails from Glen Cove, N.Y. You can write to him at Davy Jones’ Records, 1650 Broadway, New York City . . . Just Rita—she records on Barrington Records and her first single is called Lullaby (she’s pictured here with her white German Shepard, “Lucy”). You can write to Rita in care of Newsmakers, 952 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Final thought for this month: Memo to a top teen idol—you are changing, and we all loved you more the way you were before.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 38