16’s Super E-Z Teen-King Photo Album Contest

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

You’ll flip! You’ll trip! You’ll dream! You’ll scream!

Read all about it and see why

Who do you love? Who puts you into a tizzy, makes you dizzy, swoony and dreamy? Who is the one teen star in the whole wide world you cherish above all others, the teen king among your favorites?

Is it Davy? Micky? Peter? Mike? Is it Mark? Herman? Dino? Desi or Billy?

Your heart knows the answer—so tune in quick and get the message, cos your very own top favorite star has a surprise for you that’s absolutely guaranteed to make you tingle with delicious delight.

What is it? It’s a gorgeous, super-personal, super-private picture book jam packed with big, glossy, intimate photos of your very own teen king at home and doing the things he likes best. It includes portraits of him, his personal choice of favorite pictures, and an assortment of casual shots showing him as he really is. It’s so groovy, so truly, truly beautiful that you’ll treasure it as long as you live. And it’s so personal, so very, very private that you’ll feel closer to your dream king than ever before! Every picture in each star’s picture book is a “collector’s item”—your friends will go green when they see what you’ve won!


Yes, you get all this plus a full year’s subscription to your one and only favorite magazine, 16!

And everything—your favorite star’s picture book, his personal handwritten letter to you, and the subscription to 16 Magazine—is completely free, free, FREE! What’s more, getting all of those wonderful presents for your very own is so super E-Z you hardly have to lift a finger!

Absolutely all that you have to do is this: Let the name of your very favorite star, your teen king, pop from your heart into your head—and then print his name in the space provided on the coupon. If you’ve got a great big heart and it feeds you the names of more than one favorite star—why, just print the name of each star as your teen king on a different coupon. (You cannot print the name of more than one star on one coupon; you must use a separate coupon for each name.)

All coupons will be dropped inside a barrel. The barrel will then be revolved and 16’s editor, Gloria Stavers, blindfolded, will pick one coupon at a time from the barrel. The first coupon she picks on which is printed a different teen king’s name will be the winner of that star’s private picture book, handwritten letter and, of course, the subscription to 16. In other words, the first coupon she picks with Davy’s name printed on it will win Davy’s surprises; the first coupon she picks with Micky’s name printed on it will win Micky’s surprises—and so on. So, you see, if your heart can’t make up its mind and you mail coupons printed with the names of several stars—you just might win the gifts of each one!

IMPORTANT! On the outside of the envelope containing your contest coupon, you MUST print the name of the star you have chosen. Address your envelope like this:

name of your favorite star
Teen-King Photo Album Contest
16 Magazine
745 Fifth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10022

If you mail more than one coupon, each envelope must be addressed beginning with the name of the star printed on the coupon inside the envelope.

Don’t fail to enter this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime 16 super E-Z contest. Each picture book will take you—and you alone—on a personal visit to your teen king’s home and into his very private life. Each picture book is guaranteed the most beautiful photograph album in the world!

So don’t delay. Get out your pen or pencil and send that coupon on its way today!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 30–31