I Visit With The Monkees (Part 8)

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Author: Ann Moses
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Page: 20–25

Dear TIGER BEAT Readers,

Life on the set this month was more fun than ever! All the boys are in very good moods because they’re filming the shows for next season. And are they ever groovy!

Can you tell by the photos that Peter has lost weight? Well, he has. He went on a diet because he just wanted to and he does look great now, but he always did. Davy’s hair is shorter and I like it that way. Mike keeps changing every week. He becomes more friendly and outgoing every time I see him. And Micky has also changed.

Instead of having lots of girls on the set visiting him, Micky sits in his dressing room reading books between scenes. He practically eats books he reads so many. Davy uses his spare time to practice on the guitar. He wants to become a really outsite guitarist. And what Davy sets out to do he usually accomplishes!

THE HOOLA HOOP craze was back for a day when the Monkees played the role of Sultans. The boys had a ball with the hoops on and off camera.

At right, Peter checks out Davy.

BELOW, ISN’T PETER’S shorter haircut a gas! You can see how it used to look in the photo on the right. His sideburns have gotten longer, too. Peter told me he secretly likes his hair a bit longer.

ABOVE, DAVY LOOKS something like his role in “Oliver.” It must be the long jacket and necktie. Davy’s a riot on the set. In this getup, he kept breaking into tap dances all day long that kept everyone laughing.

IT’S DOUBTFUL THAT MICKY would ever be typecast or put into one role. He’s so versatile he can look like a thousand different people. The hairdresser had to slick his hair down, above, so she could put his blond wig on for the part.

MICKY LOOKS LIKE Jonathan Winters’ character, Maude Frickertt, in the photos here. He got a real laugh out of doing this scene!

MONKEE MANIA has struck the Monkees! Here’s Micky in a Monkee cap. Above, if Davy didn’t have that beard he’d look almost like his old album cover.

I HAD A HARD TIME finding the guys some days when I visited the set. Then I’d suddenly realize the old woman was really Micky!

THAT’S DAVY WITH Producer BOB RAFELSON’S son who came to visit the Monkees on the set one after noon. Davy loves children and always chats with them.

MIKE CAN REALLY be a cut-up when he wants or sly as a fox, like above. For the new season six little white buttons were added to Mike’s famous wool hat.

YOU GET the very first glimpse of the “new” Monkee look here. These photos were shot when the boys were filming next season’s show!