Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

What can I say? How can I tell you? I was thrilled with your great Monkee story in the April TEEN WORLD! Honestly, I really flipped! “Very Personal Monkee Business!” was out of sight! Of course, when you have an article on dolls like Peter, Davy, Micky and Mike, it’s hard to miss! But I really learned a lot about them! What else can I say? It was tops!

Ronni M., Winona, Minn.

Dear Editor:

Your “Sassy and Sizzling Beatle–Hermit Pix” were just that (!) in the April issue of TEEN WORLD. You see, I really love photos. And I, for one, believe that a picture’s worth a thousand words! Particularly when you have such great subjects as The Beatles or Herman. It was fun seeing The Hermits’ family, too. They looked so proud of their boys!! Who can blame them? Keep up the good work and the good pictures!

Dolly S. , Queens, New York

Editor’s Note: Keep up the good buying and the good looking!

Dear Editor:

Honestly! I can’t see why you waste your time and your reader’s time with such silly, stupid stuff as “Star Light, Star Bright…” It’s just a lot of old gossip and I always thought gossip was evil. Anyhow, who cares about The Monkees and what they do in their spare time? Or what’s happening with Paul McCartney and Jane Asher? I mean really!

DeDe P., Sarasota, Florida

Dear Editor:

Where in the world do you get all of those hot gossip items? “Star Light, Star Bright!” sure does have the juciest [sic] scoops—especially on those swinging Monkees! Also, you have the world’s greatest Monkee pix! The one in the Feb. issue was just too much! It’s hanging right over my bed! That was a hint to have more!

Ellen A., Dayton, Ohio

Editor’s Note: We get the hint, and you get your wish!

Dear Editor:

Your April TEEN WORLD was, as usual, terrific! I loved that thing on the Raiders, “If You Want To Catch A Raider…” After reading your list of traits that appeal to the different Raiders, I decided that my best bet was catching Jim Valley. Being an old-fashioned Southern girl, and from Kentucky at that, I’m very familiar with “races” and “hunting.” I can cook up “fried chicken” and “pecan brownies” in a snap, and I do have “long hair” and “know how to knit.” And furthermore, I even know how to dance “the twine”! So I guess, as you can see, I’m meant for Jim Valley and that’s all there is to it! Please pass this information on to him, okay? Who knows, maybe you’ll be a cupid!

Mary Jane D., Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Editor:

I couldn’t believe “Group Gossip You Won’t Believe!” It had so much good news. Your reporters really know all about everything. I always read your mag., and your April issue was “out of sight!” I loved hearing the latest on The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Walker Brothers, Sonny and Cher etc., etc., etc. Believe me, this issue of TW is a little weather-beaten, especially the pages with The Monkees on them! It was groovy learning all of those interesting little details about them!

Holly Q., Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Editor:

I just sent in my entry to the April contest, “Win A Year’s Supply Of Albums!” I love the idea of winning all those albums. But I guess you’re always a “winner” when you read TEEN WORLD! And anyway, I figure that if I don’t cash in with that contest, maybe I’d “Get Squeezed By My Favorite Group!” I thought I should try, anyway! I couldn’t resist the opportunity of maybe, just maybe, being squeezed by The Monkees… they’re my favs! Well, it was fun writing to you and fun reading your mag! Here’s hoping I win!

Barbie F., San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Editor:

Bing-Bang! Did I ever go super-duper crazy over “Herman’s Hermits—What Only Their Doctors Know!” in the April issue of TW. It scared me at first! I just don’t know what I’d do if there was ever anything really wrong with one of The Hermits! It was almost enough of a scare to make me decide to go to medical school, ’cause then I could be their doctor! And if I were, there would be nothing that I didn’t know! Thanks for filling me in on it in the meantime, though!

Lori L., Quebec, Canada

Dear Editor:

I had to write to tell you how great I thought your article in the April TEEN WORLD on “The Beatles—‘We Won’t Sing Again!’” was! It was the best thing I’d ever read about what’s really happening with The Beatles! It was good to know what the chances of their breaking up really are. Naturally, being a SUPER Beatle fan, I would be very upset if they did split up, but your article reassured me. THANKS A MILL!

Edna G., Lincoln, Nebraska

Editor’s Note: You’re welcome, A BILL!

Dear Editor:

Those Monkees really send me! Boy, are they cute! You couldn’t possibly write enough about them to make me happy! Would you consider putting out another mag—just about The Monkees? I’d love you forever, TW—not that I don’t already, anyway!

Barbara S., N.Y., N.Y.

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Page: 52