Davy—“These Things Worry Me…”

Davy Jones
Info Can’t sleep? Too many tensions? Hot milk and exercise won’t help, Davy! You need “pepping!”

Alack, alas! Davy’s not as “chipper” as he should be! This is what causes him to droop and moan with gloom!

It’s hard to believe that anything could worry a guy like Davy Jones. But some things do—such as…

… “When I eat a lot, and don’t gain any weight. I really am far too skinny!”

… “When someone in my family gets sick. It especially bothers me ’cause they’re all so far away—in Manchester!”

… “When I make a really gourmet dish, and it doesn’t turn out right. I worry all night about what I did wrong. Cooking is one of my fav hobbies, you see!”

… “When someone doesn’t look me straight in the eyes when they’re talking to me. I think people who don’t are shifty! By the way, the first thing I notice about any girl is her eyes!”

… “When I go to the race track just to watch and end up betting! I lost most of the money I earned riding at Newmarket racetrack that way!”

… “When I have to go to the dentist. I’m a real coward when it comes to pain, and it hurts to have your teeth drilled!”

… “When someone says they’ll call me and then they don’t. I always think that something awful happened, and, of course, nothing ever does! Peter always does that, but don’t tell him I told you!”

… “When I have to remember something that is very important. I’m always sure I’m going to forget!”

… “When I walk by a pet shop and see these cute little puppies and kittens in the window. They all look like they need so much love, and I worry that no one will buy them!”

… “When I misplace something I really love. It’s usually a cuff-link or a coin from my coin collection. I collect both of these things—and I’d really be very upset if I ever lost any of them!”

… “When I look at a girl on the street and she doesn’t look back at me! I really get scared that I might be losing my charms!”

… “When a girl talks too much. I really don’t like girls who are very talkative. I always worry that I won’t get the chance to say ‘Let’s go home’!”

… “When I don’t eat my oranges in the morning. I’m a real nut on physical fitness. I jump rope, lift weights and eat health foods. Oranges are very good for you. They have loads of vitamins, and I worry if I miss eating them!”

… “When I think of paying all my bills. I’m really very extravagant. For example, I bought myself an antique hearse. It’s got curtains and all kinds of groovy gadgets. But I have to remember that it cost a lot! And it’s only one of the unnecessary things that I’m always buying myself!”

… “When I think that there might be people somewhere who don’t like our show. I want everyone to be happy and like it—’cause we Monkees try very hard!”

Davy Jones

Originally named: David Thomas Jones
Birthday: December 30, 1946 (Actually 1945)
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Present residence: Apartment in Hollywood, California
Father’s occupation: Railway Engineer
Former occupation: Jockey at Newmarket racetrack
Sisters: Three older sisters: Hazel, Beryl & Linda
Brothers: None
Pets: None
Schools Attended: Was “schooled” in Manchester. Never attended college
Army status: None
Marital status: Single
Height: 5'3" tall
Weight: 120 lbs.
Characterizing marks or features: Manchester accent
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Neck size: 14"
Sweater size: 36 or Medium
Sleeve size: 32"
Glove size: 8
Waist size: 26"
Slack size: 26 / 29 ½ (Meaning 29 ½" in length & a 26" waist)
Sock size: 9
Shoe size: 7

I’m what you’d call a “wee one”—not too brawny, but nice!

I love my pageboy, don’t you? I haven’t got the hang of a flip yet!

I love to eat, but I never seem to put on any weight! Don’t you wish you had my problems?

I may have smallish feet, but I can pack a good kick!

I like dark-colored socks, by the way!

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 6–7