If Davy Was Called Up

A week before his last visit to England Davy Jones received his call-up papers to join the U.S. Army. He is not too worried about the orders, as he realizes that there are many things which can happen in the next few months. Some of you seem distressed at the news, and rightly so, but delving into the ruling of U.S. Army call-up has revealed these points.

Firstly, as a resident in America, Davy is liable for call-up, as is any man over the age of eighteen working and living in the country. This does not necessarily mean he is going to land in a Vietnamese sand-pit fighting off thousands of soldiers, or be made a sitting target for a bomb display! There are a lot of other units in the U.S. Army to which he could be posted, where no war is going on.

Davy had to have a thorough medical, to prove that he is mentally and physically fighting fit. Of course, we all know he is, but don’t tell that to the army or they’ll want to keep him and we don’t want that! He could, of course, have failed it not because of ill health, but simply because of his height, or lack of it, as he is only 5'3". This may be ideal for fans as most of them can then look him straight in the eye, but it still may not be tall enough for the army! As you know, Davy’s father who lives in Manchester, is retired and is therefore a dependent relative. If there is any dispute about this fact, Davy will have to stand before a draft board who will decide his future for the next eighteen months. We can do that for them can’t we? If he does enter he will spend a great deal of time at first in a training camp learning to be a soldier. Many other famous people have had to enter the army, in fact Cassius Clay is fighting the board now but he may lose his fight, being of a bigger build, whereas Davy could easily win.

Micky and Peter too have been in this situation before Davy—but escaped. Micky failed the medical because, although his eye-sight may be good for the girls, it’s not good enough for the army! Peter on the other hand proved fit and healthy but struck an understanding with the draft board when interviewed ‘They thought I was crazy too!’ So, as both Micky and Peter have army reject stamped on them, and Mike has someone to look up to—as he used to be in the Air Force—and Davy who is perhaps (we hope) too small, there’s a great chance that the Army will let Davy stay a civilian, and more important stay with us!

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 6
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 24