On the Flip Side

HERMAN’S HOTEL ROOM—The mini-contests in this column are lots of fun, so why stop a happy thing? This issue, it’s HERMAN AND THE HERMITS’ turn to give away something to the greatest fans in the world—FLIP-ers!

The last time they were in New York, Peter, Lek, Keith, Karl and Barry together signed one of their hotel’s “Do Not Disturb” signs. Would you like to have it? All you’ve got to do is tell us why, and the most original letter-writer gets it! Simple. Swinging. Scoopy. Just write to: On The Flip Side, 1010 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021.

CAN YOU STILL CALL THEM BEACH “BOYS”?—Now that three of the guys have recently become fathers, think they ought to be called “The Beach Men?”. Anyhow, Linda and AL JARDINE gave birth to a son—named Matthew. Suzanne and MIKE LOVE to a daughter they’ve named Hayleigh Caine. And Carol and DENNIS WILSON to a little girl they’ve named Jennifer Beth. Suzanne and Mike celebrated by buying a $200,000 house in Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. Which is even more fun than being born with a silver spoon in your mouth!

THE INSIDE WORD—DAVY JONES grew a moustache for a lark during his recent vacation . . . And MICKY DOLENZ a beard . . . But both are clean shaven again . . . THE MOJO MEN aren’t . . . There’s a gal tucked among the three guys . . . THE DOORS are opening . . . Watch for them . . . A MONKEES-like show called THE PICKLE BROTHERS, produced by ED SULLIVAN’s company, won’t be on next season, at last report, although ABC-TV had been considering it for a while . . . THE MONKEES have been renewed for next season . . . YES, YES, YES! . . . All the rumours about their cancellation were sparked by the fact that NBC-TV took its time in announcing their renewal . . . But there’s absolutely nothing to worry about . . . The show will be back, at the same time, the same day, the same sponsors and, of course, the same spectacular cast! . . . SAM THE SHAM has added THE SHAMETTS to his already-crowded act . . . Speaking of TV, STEVE KAHN, FLIP’s boss Man, is preparing a fab series! . . . While we’re on staff scoops, say hello to TRACY THOMAS, FLIP’s talented new Hollywood Editor . . . The best-informd [sic] reporter in that pop part of the world, TRACY is a delightful addition to FLIP’s expanding staff and already a favorite with all the West Coast-based super-stars, including THE MONKEES and PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS . . . Watch for her personal and exclusive scoops in every issue of FLIP . . . They first met on WHERE THE ACTION IS, then they got together as co-columnists in FLIP, and now they’re together on tour . . . We’re talking about LESLEY EVANS and MIKE WILLIAMS, those exciting ACTION dancers who’ve now teamed up . . . If they’re twice as good together as they were alone, they are going to be an amazing team!

LET’S GO TO A PICNIC—In the eastern part of this country, the grooviest place to go is PALISADES PARK, where all the action is! If you live near New York, or plan to visit that part of the world, then you’ll be able to spend a FREE AFTERNOON at Palisades, as FLIP’s guest. Every Saturday afternoon, all the top recording stars appear IN PERSON at Palisades, and that’s when your free FLIP pass will get you into the park, which is the grooviest amusement attraction this side of Disneyland! Your free ticket is somewhere on this page. Take advantage of it if you can. With our luv.

See you next issue… on sale everywhere June 8th!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 36–37