Is Micky Just a Clown That Nobody Loves?

“I’m convinced that I’m just a clown that everybody laughs at, but nobody loves!”

That’s the startling statement made by Micky Dolenz not long ago which set off a chain reaction around the world!

We love you” all the letters proclaimed; and there were millions. One wonders though just how accurate Micky’s statement was originally. Davy Jones is the Monkee that is said to be the one who “gets the girls both on the screen and off.” But is that statement true? Let’s see…

It’s true, Micky has an appeal somewhat similar to that of Ringo Starr—little children love him, they name their pets after him and they laugh at his funny, funny faces. But is that all? Or does his appeal stretch beyond little children?

If one counts fan mail as an indicator, then the answer is “yes!” The volume of Micky’s mail is so great that his mother, his grandmother and his sister Coco all lend a hand in the mailings. And this is in addition to the thousands of letters that pour into the Monkee National Fan Club each day.

In Micky’s off-the-screen love life, there is no real lack of affection or girls that are interested in him. He has stated and his sister confirms, “Micky is just girl crazy. He loves ’em all!”

When the series began Micky would often have as many as three or four girls on the set each day as his guests. Each thought that they were one-and-only girlfriends and how he kept everything straight is just another sign of his “way with women.”

When Micky traveled to London on his three-week vacation, his constant companion for four days was high fashion model, Samantha Juste. Also in London, Micky’s autograph party was not the usual type. It was a kissing autograph party! With each autograph the lucky young ladies got a kiss from Micky!

It seems Micky’s life with the ladies is not one to worry about, but one that many young men most certainly envy. Now we take his friend, “the ladies man” Davy Jones. But just as Mick’s statement was a bit inaccurate, then perhaps so are the ones made about Davy.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 14–15