On the Flip Side

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork
Info This autographed Monkees photo can be yours!

YOU CAN HAVE AN AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF THE MONKEES!—Just cleaning up my desk when I came across a photo I’d almost forgotten about! It’s one of the early MONKEES publicity pix signed by DAVY, MICKY, PETER & MIKE when they visited with FLIP just before the show went on the air! It is a collector’s item—and it can be yours! (The sun is streaming into the office, and we always go slightly mad on sunny days!) If you’ll send me a letter telling me why you’d like to have it, you’ve got a chance to win the phenomenal photo! The most unusual letter gets it! Write to: ON THE FLIP SIDE, FLIP MAGAZINE, 1010 THIRD AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10021. (You can never tell what’s going to happen in FLIP! Because I’d planned to start the column with a quiet thought about THE RAIDERS!). But even PAUL, MARK, HARPO, FANG and SMITTY think that MICKY, DAVY, PETER and MIKE are more fun than a barrel of MONKEES!

SOOPER STAR SCAMBOBBY DARIN’s hit “Lovin’ You” was written by LOVIN’ SPOONFUL JOHN SEBASTIAN . . . BOBBY GOLDSBORO recovering nicely from a nasty and painful bout with a stubborn strep throat which kept him in the hospital for a while . . . BOB DYLAN is out of the hospital—and to celebrate he joined a new record label . . . His switch to MGM from Columbia is reportedly going to bring him at least a million dollars a year . . . Speaking of millions, a recent report out of London says that BEATLES JOHN and PAUL each earn about a million dollars a year more than GEORGE and RINGO . . . The difference is that J & P are the most successful pop songwriters in the world as well as being BEATLES . . . But the “poor” BEATLES do OK, each earning more than TWO MILLION DOLLARS per year . . . DAVE CLARK is kinda serious about CATHY McGOWAN, the best-known teen TV personality in England . . . That little fella scampering about THE MONKEES set is cute CHRISTIAN NESMITH, Mike’s beautiful and bouncy little boy who has become a favorite of the crew whenever he visits . . . Speaking of THE MONKEES (and who isn’t?), they’re now super-stars in England, as well . . . The show is on the air there, and causing as much of a flippy fuss as here . . . Their records are selling madly, and a visit to London is on their crowded calendar . . . “I’m A FLIPer!” combs are now in the hands (and pockets) of all the super-stars . . . KEITH of HERMAN’s HERMITS tried to break it, couldn’t, and now has a slightly twisted comb, though . . . It’s a very sturdy and swinging comb, but, even like iron, it’ll bend if you put your mind to it . . . Have you got yours yet? If not, flip to page 55!

RECORDS TO RAVE ABOUTMORE OF THE MONKEES, the tremendous follow-up to the first album! It highlights the many talents of each of the guys, and is a MUST for your collection . . . OUT OF SIGHT—by the LIVERPOOL FIVE a talented but under-rated group out of the northwest . . . COLLECTIONS: THE YOUNG RASCALS. The most important album yet by Felix, Gene, Dino and Eddie. Shows you why PAUL McCARTNEY went to hear them twice when they were in London.

THE INSIDE WORDJANE ASHER got an incredible 20th birthday gift from PAUL! . . . He hired a private jet, whisked her off to Paris, treated her to lunch at the famous dress designer salon of CHRISTIAN DIOR, and let her have one dress for each happy year of her joyful life! JANE’s probably still smiling, and PAUL cheerfully paid the ($10,000) bill . . . KEITH RELF and THE YARDBIRDS have had it . . . KEITH will be forming a new group soon . . . GARY LEWIS will be able to record on weekends and whenever he’s on leave from the Army . . . STONES movie has been delayed, but will still be shot. Probably after the summer . . . HERMITS making one movie now (“Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter!”) and will probably make another one in the fall . . . RASCALS planning a film to be produced by their manager SID BERNSTEIN . . . BEATLES still haven’t set the script for their third film . . . They’ve okayed the story and the writer, but the actual script seems to be difficult to perfect.

ON THE FLIP SIDE taking off for a quick trip across the country! More scoopy scam and flippy facts next month! FLIP DAY is April 11th!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 8–9