Keith Altham’s English Scene

LONDONDONOVAN studying Marine Biology . . . Marine Biology studying Donovan . . . REG PRESLEY of Troggs took his first holiday in three years in Barbados . . . SIMON AND GARFUNKEL pushed publicist Brian Sommerville into the Serpentine in London—S&G are dogs owned by composer Lionel Bart who admires the duo’s work . . . Unofficial TIM HARDIN fan club here now includes Trogg CHRIS BRITTON, MARIANNE FAITHFULL, GEORGE HARRISON, DONOVAN, ERIC BURDON, ALAN PRICE and me . . . Too many pop stars here think the MONKEES are three steps backwards on the scene—if this is so I’ll go along with the retarded . . . Just how far did DENNIS WILSON travel in Andrew Oldham’s Rolls Royce . . . SCOTT ENGEL out of his monastry [sic] and into the London playboy club . . . No truth in the rumour that Ray Davies is playing Scrooge in pantomine next year . . . How much did they want for Sunningdale Golf Course, Allen? . . . PAUL McCARTNEY was at Donovan’s recording session for Mellow Yellow . . . And now ROY ORBISON will twitch the other leg . . . PETER AND GORDON’S arranger Mike Leander cutting an LP with actress, JULIE CHRISTIE—he should be so lucky . . . Having not met Donovan for over a year, I was surprised to find he still is the most honest person on the scene . . . MICK JAGGER now doing impersonsations [sic] of MARIANNE FAITHFULL—personally he doesn’t appeal to me that way . . . THE BIG THREE in England this year likely to be TROGGS, SMALL FACES and MONKEES . . . Sorry, CHER, but that dolly song was a big mistake—and those kids! . . . Marianne Faithfull being recorded by Andrew Oldham and managed by Kinks manager Robert Wace . . . Nice try for Graham Bonney with that record Bruce Icham . . . KINK MICK AVORY painting in oils . . . Losers were those who could not bother to sign their Xmas cards from the U.S. including those who should have known better like the LOVIN SPOONFUL . . . Still playing Simon and Garfunkel’s “For Emily Whenever I Find Her” as I write this and I like it, I like it . . . Singing Priest rings Andrew Oldham regularly from Switzerland . . . Mr. Rolling Stones has an office straight out of Alice in Wonderland . . . Blossom Dearie sang a beautifull [sic] song about Georgie Fame on TV . . . sorry to hear DEREK TAYLOR thinks I have an Ernest Hemingway complex . . . wish I had . . . Donovan’s best friend Gipsy Dave does the most extraordinary sketches with colured biros . . . Hey, Marty, your hand writing is worse than mine—congratters! . . . EASYBEATS living in PJ PROBY’s old flat say you can still see the stains . . . BRIAN EPSTEIN spent 5000 pounds on redecorating the Saville . . . London Bag O Nails club a new In scene with regular attendance from GEORGIE FAME, CHRIS FARLOWE, BILL WYMAN, DONOVAN, ERIC BURDON and the WHO . . . JAGGER so much more intelligent than his critics he does not need defending . . . GEORGE HARRISON turned away from London club for not wearing a tie went to Lyons for dinner . . . KEITH MOON writes a list of people to insult for interviews on his sock . . . Donovan has written a song “Young Girl Blues” for folk singer Julie Felix . . . Strange happenings at Chalk Farm Roundhouse club . . . DAVE DEE has so many girls he doen’t [sic] know what to do . . . DAVY JONES couldn’t believe the heights mini skirts rise to here . . . RAY DAVIES organizing five a side football for the KINKS . . . meanwhile Allen Klein . . . TROGG PETE STAPLES has written a number one song for someone song for someone—“Oh No” . . . Dave Dee road manager arrested by Swedish police after visa expired . . . THE MOVE one of England’s bst [sic] new young groups . . . JOHN LENNON aspiring to JOHN SEBASTIAN sideburns . . . CATHY McGOWAN piloting new pop TV show with Georgie Fame and Donovan . . . Donovan has adopted an Afghan hound called “sugar” from Battersea dogs home . . . THE SOFT MACHINE a name to watch . . . Jack Nietsche the Rolling Stones unoffical [sic] classical pianist—road manager Ian Stewart honky tonk pianist . . . “Back Street Girl” the Jagger Richard composition not on the LP “Between the Buttons” is another in the Eleanor Rigby class . . . Immediate Records publicist Ray Tolliday has a three inch plastic record of “Silent Night”—which is nice for him . . . MICK JAGGER refuses to enter Andrew Oldham’s office through the front door . . . SPENCER DAVIS tells some extraordinary tales of his days at University in Berlin . . . Donovan interested in the mediums of traditional and modern jazz as setting for his songs . . . THE WHO found it it impossible to do a send up of Haley and the Comets for TV show . . . That Christmas record from ELVIS was nice, wasn’t it? . . . If I have to listen to much more of what NOEL HARRISON fondly imagines is a portrayal of an Englishman on “The Girl From Uncle” I may gag . . . As long as TIMMY HARDIN keeps writing the truth I’ll keep raving about him and his voice that someone trod on . . . Donovan setting Shakespeares sonnets to guitar . . . Georgie Fame wishes everyone a Happy Easter on New Years Eve concert at Saville Theatre . . . Brian Epstein seen in Germany looking group over Christmas . . . Jimi Hendrix serving up the most exciting guitar sound since Chuck Berry’s early days in London clubs . . . Next time over lets have a look at your mind BRIAN WILSON—the reflections were colourful and absorbing . . . HOLLIES on an exclusive sight seeing tour with 16 fashion models in Berlin . . . Donovan sees Tim Hardin in a bow tie and tuxedo going down a storm here . . . New publicist for TOM JONES is ex NME news editor Chris Hutchins . . . DONOVAN’S new pad in Wimbledon . . . Keith Moon refers to comedian Ken Dodd as the singing pimple . . . Walker GARY LEEDS moved into Scott Engel’s Regent Park apartment with his telescopes, a dozen assorted fans and a few bunny girls—Scott says he is off the danger list . . . REG PRESLEY couldn’t write an obscene song if he tried . . . One for the road: DONOVAN has a musical toilet roll in his bathroom that plays “Whistle While You Work!”

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 47–49