You’re Telling Me

From Gloria Stavers

I want to assure each and every one of you who have ever written a letter to me, at 16 Magazine, that every single letter is read and that careful consideration is given to everything you write. I’m sure you understand that there isn’t enough space in my magazine for me to publish every letter and that there simply isn’t enough time for me to answer every letter personally. But please know that I’m deeply grateful to you for writing me and that I appreciate every suggestion and criticism you address to me. Write to me as follows; Miss Gloria Stavers, 16 Magazine, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022

Letter from Davy!

Davy Jones

Dear Gloria,

Just a note to ask you to please tell all your wonderful 16-ers how grateful I am for the many cards and presents they sent me for Christmas and for my birthday. Please assure each of these 16 friends that they will get a “thank you” note from me—I have started writing, but it is going to take a long time. Luv,

Hollywood, Calif.

Buckinghams bug

Dear Miss Stavers,

I’m wild about the BUCKINGHAMS. Could you please tell me where I can write to them?

Arlene Velasco
New York City

Dear Arlene,

You can write to the BUCKINGHAMS at Columbia Records. N.Y.C., N.Y.

Love luvver

I love—love—LOVE 16’s fabulous All-Star Love Story Book. I nearly cried when I read PETER TORK’s Greatest Love Lesson—it was beautiful!

Lily McAllister.
Bronx, N.Y.

Dear Lily,

We love you for loving PETER and 16’s All-Star Love Story Book. Any other 16-ers who would like to get in on the groovy times, please see Page 22.


Dear Miss Stavers,

Would you please run a picture of my TV faves—the MONROES?

Frances Marat
Waynesboro, N.C.

Star Trek fan

Dear Miss Stavers,

I’m crazy about WILLIAM SHATNER of Star Trek. Where can I write to him?

Barbara Lewis
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Barbara,

Here is a soopa photo of WILLIAM—and you can write to him at 780 North Gower, Los Angeles, Calif.

Special note from me to Jeanne Spanos of DePue, Ill.:

Thanks a mil for sending me a membership to the great new PETER & GORDON FAN CLUB.

P.S. Any 16-ers who wish to join should write to JoAnne Lucas, Suite 236, 2770 Belknap, N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich., 49505.

Czech 16er!

Dear Miss Stavers,

You can’t imagine my joy to read 16 Magazine. It is so great. My friends, when they see it, are fascinated. All of them think it is the best they have seen. It also helps me in my English.

Karol Szatmary
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

Dear Karol,

Like WOW!—and peace be unto you, baby.

Monkee defender

Dear Miss Stavers,

Hiss-hiss, boo-boo, on Brenda Williams for saying those terrible things about the MONKEES in the March issue. DAVID and the MONKEES are the greatest group since the BEATLES—and everybody knows it but poor Brenda!

Paul Harrison
Stuttgart, Arizona

Monkee threads

Dear Miss Stavers,

I read in GeeGee’s Gossip about MONKEE clothes for girls, and my father bought me some (designed by Mary Quant). They are ultra smash! Every girl should get them.

Denise Tofarella
Smyrna, Georgia

Dear Denise,

Glad we helped make you happy. Other MONKEE-maniacs can get these clothes in J.C. Penney’s, plus all other department and clothing stores. If your store doesn’t have them, ask for them and they’ll order them.


Dear Miss Stavers,

How can you print so much about PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS? They’re the phoniest group ever. I can’t stand them.

Donna Babonas
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Donna,

Duck, run and hide! The RAIDER-rooters of the world are after you. Seriously, if you knew them you wouldn’t say that. They are really the sweetest and the most natural guys around. Hope you get to meet them and find out for yourself one day!

Dylan bonanza

Dear Miss Stavers,

I thought that you and all your BOB DYLAN-loving readers should hear the great news. You can finally get a groovy picture and story book about BOB DYLAN. It is called Bob Dylan and it is by Daniel Kramer. It is 9" by 11" and contains 150 gorgeous photos of the antic, serious and mysterious DYLAN as photographer Kramer saw him during the two-year period when BOB changed the face of popular music. Some of the surprises in this book will really knock you out. The story was written by Kramer, based on his first-hand experience with DYLAN. Citadel Press will issue the book on April 15, but you can order an advance copy right now if you send $3.25 in check or money order payable to Kramer Book, P.O. Box 51, Midtown Station, New York City 10018.

Took Micky’s pic!

Micky Dolenz

Dear Miss Stavers,

Please print this adorable picture that my sister took of MICKY DOLENZ when the MONKEES were at the Hilton Hotel here.

Beth Kiefer
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Special note to all 16-ers:

If you would like to have a MONKEE-maniac pen pal from England, write to Keith Mallett, Kemal Entertainments, Ltd., 30A Horsefair, Birmingham 1, England. Keith is in charge of the official Monkees Fan Club of England, and he will be glad to send you an English pen pal.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 64–65