Wing off to Dreamsville with a ticket from 16!

Got a wish? Got a dream? Got a secret longing you just can’t shake off? Well, then, climb aboard 16’s jet express to Dreamsville, where dreams come true and wishes and longings are satisfied to a degree that will flip you onto a cloud so far out you may never make it back to earth again!

Hard to believe? Want proof positive? Cast your eyes at the facing page—and you’ll see all the dreamy evidence you need. Each girl whose name and home town is printed there is a 16 reader who made a wish, dreamed a dream or yearned for something absolutely delightful—and got it! How? Why, just by writting a letter—a simple, easy one-page letter—to 16 Magazine telling exactly what her wish, her dream or her longing was. It was up to 16 to make it all come true. And that’s exactly what your fave magazine did—as you can see by the dreamy presents each girl received!

You, too, can wing off to Dreamsville, just as easily! All you need do is write a short letter (on one side of the sheet only!) telling what you would dearly love to have. Could be a personal phone call—or a personal letter—from your favorite star. Could be a personal keepsake from your dream guy. Could be a pin-up portrait personally autographed by your grooviest group. Could be a whole set of recordings from the top of the charts. Could be any number of delicious things. It’s your request—so you name it. Jot it down on a sheet of paper and mail it to the address below:

16 Magazine
Box 218
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202

After you’ve mailed your letter, don’t fail to get every issue of 16 Magazine and watch the Dreamsville answers page—because that’s where you’ll see the glorious news that everything you wished for, dreamed of, longed for has come true!

LINDA LIDINSKY of Naperville, Ill., is getting a double-barreled Dreamsville surprise. A copy of the Beatles’ Capitol LP Revolver, and a large, personally autographed picture of John, Paul, George and Ringo are on the way.

The Monkees have made sure that DONNA VARBERO of Port Chester, N.Y., spends some very happy hours on her voyage to Dreamsville. Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter are each sending her a personally autographed picture—and as a special dividend, a full year’s subscription to their favorite magazine, 16.

Dino, Desi and Billy fan KATHY ENNIS of Castleton, N.Y., has taken a permanent lease on Cloud 9. Her particular favorite, Dino, is sending her a personally autographed picture of himself, a complete set of their Reprise LPs, and a full year’s free subscription to 16 Magazine. Dreamsville does it again!

PATTI FLETCHER of London, Ontario, is really seeing a dream come true. She dreamed that Paul Revere & The Raiders bought her a birthday present, but her mother woke her up before she could find out what it was. The Raiders have rushed to her rescue by personally selecting a special surprise birthday gift for her. The Raiders sent along a large, autographed picture to prove that this time it’s all for real! Dreamsville never fails!

16’s Editor, Gloria Stavers is sending MAXINE GILMORE of Denver, Colo., on a joyful journey to Dreamsville. A full year’s subscription to 16 Magazine, a bundle of 16 goodies, and a personally autographed picture of Maxine’s all-time favorite singer, Herman, are on the way!

Mark Lindsay luvver RENE QUESTA of Cocoa, Fla., is probably still spinning around in Dreamsville. Mark made her dreams come true by sending her one of his Raider hats, an autographed picture, and picked out a special surprise gift.

The Dave Clark 5 put their handsome heads together and sent a special Dreamsville package to KAYE HARRELL of Faison, N.C. The package contains a large autographed picture of them, one of Dave’s own drumsticks, a reed from Denny’s sax, and their latest Epic LP. Hope it’s not too heavy to carry up to Cloud 9!

U.N.C.L.E. fan Vicki Richard of Dearborn, Mich., is enjoying her stay in seventh heaven, thanks to Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. The terrific twosome each sent her an autographed picture and selected a surprise gift just for her! An added bonus of a full year’s subscription to 16 Magazine should make her Dreamsville drifting delightful!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 10
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 62–63