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Every letter that is written to FLIP FLAP is read! It’s as simple as that—with the most interesting ones finding their way to this page! So if there’s anything on your mind, let me in on it. Just write to: FLIP FLAP, 1010 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021. And look for your letter here!

I think FLIP is a great but I have one complaint. I would like to see more about that groovy group, The Robbs!

Diana Paradiso
San Jose, Calif,

Take a look at the letter from your favorite group elsewhere on this page and then flip to pages 32 and 33 for the latest scam on these great guys!

Why does John Lennon have to criticize Elvis? Elvis never says anything against Lennon? How can any teenager care about somebody who is so in love with themselves as The Beatles are?

Gladys Moore
Indianapolis, Ind.

There is nothing wrong with the “new” John Lennon. He has only changed because life has changed and will still change time and time again. I like him as much today as I did when he and the group first came out. The true fans should change with their idols!

Mona Garner
Beaufort, N.C.

What bugs me are groups who put other groups down! Why is everyone so hostile in this day and age? What happened to “brotherly love” and “help thy neighbor”? I’m yelling, BAN HOSTILITY!

Lonnie Girton
Seaside, Calif.

In the November issue of FLIP, Mark Lindsay says he’s not pleased with his own reflection in the mirror. Well, I know that all The Raiders get FLIP every month and I want to tell Mark that everyone else is pleased with his reflection. So we don’t know what he is not pleased about! Maybe he is just modest or something, but I still luv all The Raiders, modest or not.

Holland, Ohio

I have been going crazy trying to find out where I can get a whistle like Felix of The Young Rascals has. Please let me know where I can get one.

Vicky Padovana
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Your letter came the day before Felix and the other Young Rascals came into the office to talk about the prizes they want to give away in their exclusive contest on page 24. Felix, of course, immediately made his wonder whistle available—so flip to page 24 to see how you can win your dream prize!

Keep printing more on The Monkees, especially Micky Dolenz. As far as I am concerned, that guy has everything!

Mickki Friedman
Brooklyn, N.Y.

FLIP is The Monkees’ magazine! We were the first teen magazine to introduce them to the world, and they’ve been flipping with us ever since!

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