Davy Jones Answers 25 Snoopy Questions

Davy Jones

What he digs and what bugs him—all the personal things about Davy you’ve been longing to know!

What is your full real name?

David Thomas Jones. I like to be called either David or Davy.

When and where were you born?

I was born in the industrial city of Manchester, England on December 30, 1945. Mike and I have the same birthdays, but we were born in different years.

What is your height, weight and coloring?

I am five feet and five inches tall, and have brown hair and eyes.

Where does your family live?

I just bought my dad a new home in Manchester. He (his name is Harry Thomas) lives there (in Manchester, of course) as do my three older sisters—Lynda, Hazel and Beryl.

Where do you live?

I just moved into a new apartment, a few blocks above Sunset Strip, in a groovey little building. I have a living room, dining area, kitchen and bedroom.

How is it decorated?

It isn’t—yet. I am just getting started. The first thing I bought was a super-huge round bed. It’s a gas!

Would you like to get married?

Yes—in the year 1970. I used to think in 1974—but I guess I’m getting impatient.

To what kind of girl?

That would be impossible to say. I like all kinds of girls (I admit to a weakness for blondes). Hey, it may be even you! Would you mind?

How many children would you like to have?

I dig large families and would like to have six kids.

What kind of sports do you like?

I’m gone on golf. That is what you can usually find me doing on Sunday afternoons. Sunday nights? Well, that’s another story.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I really like show tunes best of all. After that, whatever is popular at the time.

Who are your closest friends in and out of show business?

David Pearl and Gloria Stavers. David works on the TV show. I guess you know what Gloria does—I surely hope you do!

What part of your work do you like best?

On the TV show, I like it when we have to ad lib—you know, make up our own lines. That’s really fun. On personal appearances, I like being on stage before an enthusiastic audience. That turns us all on.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

Home—to my apartment. But I don’t like to be alone. And I prefer the company of girls. And I really dig just being alone with one girl—so, what are you doing right now?

Give a one-word description of each of the Monkees.


What qualities do you dislike in a girl?

Talkativeness—and girls who always hang about. There are some of those around the MGM set day in and out. I wonder whether they don’t have anything else in this whole world to do.

If you weren’t in show business, what would you have done?

I would have been a racing jockey. I have my license, you know. I still ride when I go home.

What one girl do you have a secret longing to meet?

Ursula Andress. Well, you can’t blame me for dreaming, can you?

Have you ever dated a fan?

Yes. And I hope to do it again and again in the future.

What do you usually do on a date?

Oh, I like to do lots of different things. Generally, however, I got [sic] to see a movie and then enjoy a good dinner.

What is your prized material possession?

Thing ring I gave myself. It is white gold with a black star sapphire and diamonds in it. It symbolizes many things to me.

When are you most happy?

When the Monkees and I are singing together. I particularly like our recording sessions. And by the way—forget those rumors that we don’t work on our own records. I can assure you that we do and we dig doing it—and we work hard!

What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

Her eyes. I look for eyes than [sic] can talk. They can really tell you more than words can, most of the time.

Do you read the fan mail that you get?

Most of it. It makes me truly happy to realize that there are many of you who like me. The only way I know for sure is when you write to me.

Where can a fan write to you and be sure you see the letter?

The safest place is in care of my private fan club. I keep in close touch with the president and visit her as often as I can. Here is the address—please write: Davy Jones, c/o Helen Kensick, 390 Bridge St., Northampton, Mass.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 9
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 34–36