Davy Jones: 20 Fizzy Fax

Davy Jones
Info “Hey, babe! Wanna come for a ride in my hearse?”

Photos by Gloria Stavers, world copyright 16 Magazine.

Davy takes you on grand tour of his intimate thoughts and secret dreams!

Davy is wild about Hawaii. He has been there twice (once with his best friend, David Pearl, and once with the Monkees). He hopes to go again soon.

Davy lived on his own for three years in New York City. It was there that he acquired his independence and liking for being alone

It was also during this time that Davy learned to be a pretty good cook. His specialty is French fries.

Davy is very thrilled with the groovy bass guitar Gretsch made especially for him. It has been scaled down to Davy’s size.

David Pearl, Davy Jones
Info Davy with his buddy, David Pearl.

When Davy has time off, he sometimes sneaks into New York City to visit his old buddies there.

Recently, Davy bought an antique hearse for $300. It comes complete with window curtains, a siren and a spotlight.

Davy is very close to his father and still writes home at least once a week.

When Colgems Records used to be Colpix, David recorded his first single. It was called Dream Girl, backed with Take Me To Paradise, and was released in May 1965.

Davy has a secret desire to wear his long hair in a queue, à la Tom Jones—and it looks very good that way.

Davy loves all girls—all shapes, all sizes.

He has a pet weakness for tall girls with long hair who don’t talk too much.

Davy’s favorite singing groups are the Beatles and the Sundowners.

For acting, he digs Charles Bronson, Sophia Loren and Ursula Andress.

Davy’s hobby is collecting old coins and brand-new cuff links.

On a date, Davy likes to be alone with the girl and to spend most of the time talking and getting to know each other.

Davy Jones

Davy’s two kookiest surpressed [sic] desires are to “…ride a camel and walk on a tightrope.”

Davy loves to watch all TV shows and, through his friend, David Pearl, he has lately come to dig American professional football.

He has a weakness for playing golf. In fact, he is such a golf fanatic that, rain or shine, you will find him out on the course every Sunday—if he doesn’t have to work, that is.

Though he digs most American food, Davy still retains a love for good old English fish and chips.

Davy has his own private fan club, which he personally supervises. Here is the address—Please write: Davy Jones, c/o Helen Kensick, 390 Bridge St., North Hampton, Mass.

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