Last-Minute Flashes

PRETTY, sweet DEANA MARTIN, 17 (who has a kinda groovey little brother, don’t ya’ think?) is now recording on Reprise Records. Her first single, Bottom Of Your Mind, has just been released and she will guest on The Dean Martin Show in September, when she will sing a duet with her dad. More to come on this welcome new member of the singin’ swingin’ set! . . . MARIANNE FAITHFULL is giving up singing to become a dramatic actress . . . TOM JONES had to have 14 stitches taken in his forehead after crashing in his red Jaguar outside of London . . . Tragedy struck ROY ORBISON when his beloved wife, CLAUDETTE, died shortly after her motor bike collided with a truck near Nashville, Tenn. . . . So now a record company is coming up with a stereo cartridge tape player for motor bikes—to further endanger the riders’ lives. If you make that, your theme song can be—How I Became A Flying Saucer For 60 Seconds Over Sunset Strip!

What’s a sincomperneer? It’s what JONNA GAULT became with the release, From My Window, on Warner Records. On the Record, JONNA sings, composes, performs and engineers. Get it? Well, do—it’s good . . . Congrats to sweet BRIAN HYLAND on his hit, The Joker Went Wild . . . Did you dig handsome BRIAN FOLEY when he appeared on JOHN DAVIDSON’s Kraft Summer Music Hall? He’s good, too! . . . Fun time in NYC when FANG took HARPO and Action dancers LESLEY and JERILYN to see MARY LOU VOLK, his super sister, at the Copa where she was singing with our Young Generation, backing up JOHNNY MATHIS . . . Elected for stardom this coming fall (aside from The Monkees, who are gonna be outasite) are BOB RANDOM of ABC-TV’s Iron Horse series (Mondays, 7:30 to 8:30 EDT), and JOHN LEYTON on CBS’ Jericho. More on these next issue . . . CHAD and JILL rented a flash home in Encino and their boarder is C & J bassist JIMMY GUERCIO. JEREMY rented a flash home a few blocks away. Now, the guys are working on a new TV show.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 5
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 64