“You Should Be So Lucky”

Micky: So now, on to the rest of my uh, my, family history, uh, my dad, who was also a singer, actor, uh, became uh, quite successful, uh, he um, was the Count of Monte Cristo in the television series back in the, the fifties. He was that swashbucklin’ kinda Errol Flynn kinda character. But he also sang. He, he sang and did some musicals, and he, he sang that light opera kinda stuff. Now, I suspect everybody here knows what that is, but just in case th—just in case somebody doesn’t, it’s things like, “Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger”. Ah! That hurt! Ha ha. Ah, ha ha, but he would sing it walkin’ around the living room in his underwear, which was… and I’m like, “Dad, that is so gross”. Oh god. Oh years later, I started uh, thinkin’ ’bout doin’ musicals. And I always wanted to, and I, I uh, started walkin’ around the house going, “Some enchanted—”. And my wife, my lovely wife, uh, now, uh, very uh, sort of politely and uh, I don’t know, discreetly said, “You might want to think about getting some singing lessons”. Uh, ha ha, well, thank god she did, because I did, and of course, I, I uh, ha ha ha, why didn’t I tell you that story when I was uh, at that rehearsal with Paul? We were talkin’—uh, yeah, I was at uh, I forgot about this. I went to a rehearsal for uh, Paul, Paul McCartney, he was doing uh, Coachella, and we started talking about singing and vocalizing, and I told him that story, and you know, he laughed, and I said, “I went to my vocal coach, and I said, you know, I don’t want to sound like Mario Lanza”, and Paul said, “You should be so lucky”. Ha ha.