“You Just May Be the One (tacking session composite)”

?: Uh, “You Just May Be The One”, take one.
Peter: One, two, one, two.

[instrumental excerpt from “You Just May Be The One”]

?: Let’s get a little better start.
Peter?: Um, Mike, would you put on cans?
Micky: H—Your’s sounds really delayed. Has it got lots of echoes in it?
Mike: Sounds delayed?
Micky: Sounds delayed, yeah. Like I’m hearing it twice or something.
Davy: I—I don’t know what it is, but I’m not in sync.
Mike: I’m really—that was the sound. It was exactly the same.
Micky: Davy, it’s ’cause we’re not in front of fifteen thousand people, I think. That has a lot to do with it too.
Davy: [???]
Micky: Has a lot to do with it.
Mike: Up until [???]
Peter: Well, it’s because, uh, I can hardly hear the bass myself, and I’m standing next to it, right. I wonder if hearing the bass better myself [???]. Give it a try. Wait a minute, wait a minute. [???]
Micky?: It really was dragging.
?: Where’s Davy?
Peter: Alright. This is four. One, two.

[instrumental from “You Just May Be The One”]

Peter: Can we do another?
Micky: One more, one more, please.
Peter: Another for the bass player?
Micky: Yeah, please, for me.
?: Gotta reload.

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