“What Seems to Be the Trouble Officer”

I first heard this song from uh, Andy Segovia
Andy never made it as a blues guitar player
I don’t know where he’s pickin’ now

You might think I’m young to be such a powerful protester
Well, I’m darn near nineteen
I’d like to tell you about all my hard times I’ve seen

Walkin’ hot, dusty roads
Put a pebble in my shoe
Make ’em harder

Put up in a pad in Greenwich Village
Pay a hundred and seventy five dollars a month for it
A lot of people think that’s a lot of money to pay
But it’s not for hard times
Gives me a real feeling about life and other things

First hard time I ever had was a policeman stopped me
Asked if he could see some papers
Said, “What you want, man, Bambus or Zig-Zags?”

  • “Until It’s Time for You to Go” / “What Seems to Be the Trouble Officer” (1966)

  1. The Monkees: The Day-by-Day Story of the ’60s TV Pop Sensation (2005), Andrew Sandoval, p. 302.