“Wax Minute”

As you complicate things greatly
Since you came into my life
Old veneers and stately postures
Wax minute within your sigh

And the taxing way of adjusting
To all the thoughts which you reveal
Only incites me to motion
While that’s the crux of your appeal

Just the thought of how it’s always been concealed
Where’s my heart, lo
As only you can heal

And this humble plans just don’t seem
To inspire me to heights
As they did or as seeing you
Or as touching you might

And the card that I shoulda sent days ago
Falls short of reaching you
Memories speak kindly now
But what can I do?

Just be thankful for an insight granted to few
And don’t linger
On what it might have meant to you


The distance which I keep
Has entered into play
Miles which make me say
I won’t be seeing you

  1. Tantamount to Treason, Vol. 1 (1972) (Record).