“Touch Like Magic”

Everybody’s talkin’
All around the town, they got the news
Everybody’s talkin’
They say Jimmy got the front page blues

Jimmy got a touch like magic
Watch him place his bets while they spin the wheel
All around the table, the crowd is frantic
Electricity is there
It’s a fever in the air, you can feel it

Came on like a heat wave
And everything he touched just turned to gold
Came on like a heat wave
And everywhere, the story is already told

They say Jimmy got a touch like magic
Make a little room, let him roll those dice
Jimmy got a touch like magic
It’s the kind of lucky streak can’t
Happen in a lifetime twice

Everybody knows it
Somethin’ goin’ on, and it’s goin’ good
Everybody shows it
His rabbits’ feet, their mustard seed, they’re knockin’ on wood

I guess you got to get it while you’re able
You’ve got to catch it while you can
’Cause once you put your cards down on the table
Everybody knows there’s no point in
Tryin’ to pick them up again


Soon, at the big casino
Word has gotten ’round, and they turn him away
At the big casino
There ain’t a table left where the boy can play

It’s too bad
Jimmy don’t know when to lose
Jimmy got a touch like magic
If he wins another hand
He gets an offer that he can’t refuse

Everybody’s talkin’
Everybody’s talkin’

  1. Two Man Band (1996) (CD).