“The Candidate”

Half the world concerned
With a slightly tarnished masterpiece
Hoping to return
Is the once forgotten culture thief
Lying on its side
The stately vessel now replete
With harbingers of peace telling lies

Waiting at the door
With the stance secure in second thoughts
Overlooking signs
Of the spiritual bereavement’s cost
Trying to arrive
At a destination that they’ve lost
To ignorance, which winks at them and smiles

Listen well
The patience of the people soon will end
Time will tell
As the melting of your plastic smile begins

Sailing ships of state
And ignoring navigation laws
Through the sea of men
The captains, mad with power, pause
And congratulate themselves
On a virtuous and noble cause
Which must surely save the world and alter time

  1. And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’ & Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash (2000) (CD).