“Teeny Tiny Gnome”

Kicking stones on an old, dirt road
Feeling de-dejected and all alone
When I looked up ahead, I thought my mind I’d blown
On a giant toadstool sat a teeny, tiny gnome

He was all involved in a game of solitaire
Said hello with a smile just like I wasn’t there
I kicked the dirt some more, he said, “Please don’t start a fight”
Found a church key in his pocket, he opened up his pipe

He blew some silver circles
Wound his fingers in his beard
And from that pipe came magic music
Like I’d never heard


As the notes came floating in, I picked up both my ears
I walked into a drive-in, hadn’t felt so starved in years
A rabbit waiter took the order and quickly disappeared
He said, “The party’s over, please come back in a thousand years”

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