“Sunny Girlfriend (live)”


Well, she owns and operates her own sunshine factory
Of painting smiles on dolls and then on me
Well, she’s my sunny girlfriend and personality

Well, she’s got a book that tells about everybody’s past
And she can make you slow while making your mind move fast
Well, she’s my sunny girlfriend, and she is never last

While I am sleeping
Then she comes creeping
Into my thoughts at night
Gazing down through eyes as bright as wonder

Well, she can send you on your way to everywhere
And she’s only started after you think that she is there
Well, she’s my sunny girlfriend, and she just doesn’t care
Well, she’s my sunny girlfriend, she doesn’t really care

Micky: Thank you. Alright, thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Now we’d like to bring out the man with the gabardine voice, our own Peter Tork with a very [???] to sing that favorite song, that one that warmed your hearts for so many years of days gone past. Ladies and gentlemen—
Peter: Hey! Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hey, I wanna tell you all, and we wanna—we’d like to—hold it a minute. We wanna say something, and that something is that we love you all, and uh.
Micky: Thank you, Mr. Peter Tork. And here’s Mr. Peter Tork, high above Seattle, Washington, asking that musical question…
Peter: Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
Micky: Auntie Grizelda.


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