“Shrek Schmek”

?: So the show is called A Little Bit Broadway, A Little Bit Rock and Roll, and uh, you know, Micky’s played many, many places ’round the world over and over and sold hundreds of thousands and millions of copies of records, right. Sixty, seventy million copies, right? Who’s counting? What’s ten million among friends? So, but it is his first time at 54 Below. He’s a lot rock and roll, and I’m, I’m a moderate bit Broadway, so together, we, we’ve kinda formed this yin and yang, and I said, “Now listen, I know you’ve done the stadium tours, I know you’ve played for thousands of people. This is not the Monkee stadium tour. This is 54 Below, with a five hundred dollar drink minimum, and I said, listen, we have to class it up. We can still do The Monkees, we can still be The Monkees, but it has to be a fancy Monkee, a classy Monkee. This is a New York show, right? So, a Monkee with a jacket, a Monkee with a collared shirt. A Monkee with a hat. So, these next few… things, we’re gonna try this out, this is new, this is new tonight, we’re going to take some very familiar Monkee tunes, and we’re gonna make them a little bit Broadway, a little bit rock and roll. We’re gonna change the arrangements tonight, never before heard, Broadway Monkees.
Micky: Go for it.
?: A-one, two, a-one, two three.

I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else, but not for me
Ha! Love was out to get me, heh
Ah that’s the way it seemed, ah
Disappointment haunted all of my dreams, a-ha ha
Then I saw her face—yeah, you, honey!
I’m a bev—

?: Oh, they don’t like it. They’re goin’ home.
Micky: Oh!
?: They don’t like it. No.
Micky: Are they throwing anything?
?: They don’t like it.
Micky: Are they throwing stuff?
?: They’re leaving. They don’t like it. We tried.
Micky: I, uh… scary thing is somewhere, somebody’s probably doing it like that. Great Neil Diamond tune, one of our biggest hits. You go home and uh, if you have kids at home or grandkids or in case there’s any kids here, you tell ’em I sang this song long before Shrek.