“She’s So Far Out She’s In (tracking session takes 1 & 2)”

Micky: Uh, same way, right? Straight, right off the top.
?: Take one, “She’s So Far Out She’s… In”.
?: That’s maracas.
Peter: Oh, it’s Davy’s, Davy’s instrument. Let me play the bass on this.
Micky: That’s right. Why don’t we…
Peter: No, man, cool the roll.
?: Okay.
Peter: Cool the roll, cool the roll.
Micky: Cool the roll. Roll.
?: Rolling?
?: “She’s So Far Out She’s In”, take one.

Well, she’s so far out…

?: Hold on, hold on, hang on. Get a sound first.
Micky: Oh, no, just get a take.
?: You want a take, or a sound?
Micky: A take! Just—
?: Well, let’s get both.
Peter: Let’s get a take.
?: A take and a sound, here we go. “She’s So Far Out She’s In”, and… take two.
Mike: One, two, three.


?: Uh, Peter, something’s happening with the bass that, you hear an occasional note come through now and then, that’s about all. Uh, well, you come in and listen—

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