“Setting Up the Studio for Randy Scouse Git (studio dialogue)”

[plays drums]
?: —best. I think I can get it better than we had before.
?: Mick, why don’t you come in and listen?
?: Are you tightening it up, Micky?
Micky: No, I’m taking uh, trying something, just trying it, because I’ve seen people do it and I wanna… try… Come on, you son of a bitch, get off of there. God damn. What the hell’s holding this thing on?
?: Let’s hear it some more.
[plays drums]
?: I like the other one; it had more of a pulse.
Mike: Micky, tighten the whole drum up now. Just the, just the front head though, don’t, don’t tighten that back head.
Micky: Yeah, I’m tightening the front head. I’ve been tightening it all night, and I’m just afraid any second it’s gonna go because it’s really tight now.
Mike: Oh. Then put another piece of tape on it. [laughs]
[plays drums]
Micky: Gettin’ there.
Mike: That really sounds groovy now.
Micky: Yeah, we’re gettin’ there.
Mike: Do it.
Micky: Yeah, I’m just tightening a little bit more. Now we’re getting there.
?: [???]
Micky: Oh, I have a [???], I’m sorry.
?: Hey, Steve?
?: I’ll get one.
?: Steve?
Micky: “Randy Scouse Git”.
?: Get me a turntable, will ya?
Micky: “Randy Scouse”, S-C-O-U-S-E.
[plays drums]
Mike: The way it was before is as close as you’re really gonna get it, man. The other, the only thing that can happen is that now it, now they save it in the [???].
Micky: How does it sound now?
Mike: Well, ya got too much of a room sound.
Micky: Wait, Peter, what?
Mike: Ya got too much of a room sound.
Micky: Too much of a what?
Mike: Room sound, you know, it’s, it’s goin’ “tocka”.
[plays drums]
Micky: Better the other way?
Mike: Yeah, it’s better with the mic right in front. The mic needs to get a little air. Now come in and listen to it. It’s spreadin’ out a little bit now, actually, you, it, you, it’s spreading out. You took those uh, tapes off the back now, didn’t you?
Micky: No, I, I, I just uh, I took a little bit off, yeah, do we have any more masking tape?
Mike: Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s spread—
?: Come in and listen to this.
[plays drums]
Micky: I wanna put on the other peddle.
Mike: That really sounds good to me.
?: That—
Micky: I’m gonna put on the other peddle now once.
Mike: You’re gonna what?
Micky: Put on the other peddle. I have a—that was a wooden peddle.
Mike: It really sounded good. Nah, the wooden peddle is great, man, it doesn’t spread out at all. Hank says he’ll sell it to you for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
?: A ha ha, no.
Micky: No, man, all I have is seventy-eight.
Mike: Oh, wow, man.
[plays drums]
Micky: This is it!
?: Come listen, Mick. Put—
?: That’s cool.
?: Play a little bit from the song we might do, uh, Micky’s song.

[instrumental excerpt from “Cantata & Fugue In C&W”]

?: Peter, could you play a little piano now?

[intro from “Randy Scouse Git”]

?: Play the riff, uh, Peter.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

?: Play along, Mike. Uh, Mike, could you play along with him, uh, like what you’re gonna play?
Peter: I like what Mike was just doin’. Did you dig that?
?: Uh, it’s, it’s too much of a percussive sound, we need more uh—drums’ll be doin’ that. All it is in here is a click, there’s no notes. It’s just chick.
Peter: I hear notes. Listen, you wanna do it from the pick-up, where you come in? One, two, a-one two three.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

?: Hey, could you come in here a second?