“Russian Clouds”

Micky: I, my history, in the, i-i-in the business, is uh, uh, that my parents were both in the business. Uh, my dad and my mom were uh, singers, actors, uh, little bit more on my dad later, but my mom kind of was the earliest influence. Uh, you know, my dad was workin’, and she was home all the time, and um, she used to sing a lot of songs. She had uh, sang in the big band era, um and sang uh, uh, like Billie Holiday kinda stuff too, and uh, and so, she taught myself and, and my sister actually uh, how to sort of how to sing and harmonize, and she sang this one song I’ll never forget, and um. Well, I did forget it actually, ’cause many years later, back in the, in the Monkee days, uh, I uh, wanted to do some recording, and I wanted to record this song that I remembered her singing, and I went back, and I asked her, “Mom, you remember that song you used to sing about Russian clouds?” She said, “What?” I said, yeah! It was a song about Russian clouds, and I want to record it, I want to re-record it as um, uh-uh, for The Monkees, one of the Monkee tunes. She thought about it for a while, I think a couple of weeks later, she called back, she said I remember! And now, I know which song you’re talkin’ about. I actually never did record it, but I want to sing it for you now and for my mom.