“Run Silent, Run Monkee”

Micky: Funny little story about this song, course, huge hit, uh, one of my favorite, favorite, favorite tunes to—but um, not long, you know, about, I dunno, ten, twenty years ago or somethin’, I did this in concert one night, and this guy comes up to me after the show, you know, uh, I guess he must have been, you know, fifties or somethin’ like that. He said uh, you know, uh, I’m a big fan and love what you’ve, all your songs, gotta tell you a story. In the sixties, uh, when this song came out, I was in the navy, and I was on a nuclear submarine under the north pole. And we were playin’ cat and mouse with a Russian submarine under the north pole, and we were chasing them, they were chasing us, we were hiding from them, they were hiding from us, that whole run silent, run deep kinda thing. And he said uh, one day, after doin’ this for weeks I guess, he said they busted us, they, they, they’ve found out where we were. Somebody must have made a noise, ’cause you had to be really quiet. He said you walked around in your socks, no shoes. Had to be very, very quiet. Well, somethin’ happened, and the Russian sub busted them. They knew where they were, and the Americans’ sub knew that the Russians knew that they knew the Russians knew that they knew, so. And so, the captain basically said, “Screw it”, and he cranked up the internal sound system, the P.A. system in whole submarine, at number eleven, ha ha ha, because all the Russians, of course, are like wearing headphones, and they’re being very quiet, and they’re listening, and he cracked it up to eleven and played this.