“Right Now”


And now it begins
Needles and pins
I see what your eyes are revealing
I, I feel it too

And it seems so right
To hold you tonight
We’re lost in that magical feeling
I, yes, I’m in love with you

Oh, right now
We’re alone together now
This is our forever
Girl, I want you to be
So in love with me
Right now


And now that you’re here
Incredibly near
The promise of sweet surrender
I, yes, I, I need you now

Oh, right now
Not last night or tomorrow
Now, while there’s love in our hearts
Oh, girl, we’ve waited so long
And the feeling’s so strong

Just let go, oh oh oh
And let love have its way
Right now

Na-na na-na
Na na-na na na
Na na-na na na
Na-na na-na na na
Na-na-na na-na na na
Na na-na na na


Musicians (1)



  1. Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (1976) (Record).