“Randy Scouse Git (tracking session composite)”


Peter: One, two, a-one two three four.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

Micky: Hey.
Peter: What?
?: Mouth the words.
Micky: I thought of something. What about the, uh, the-the-those kettle drums?
?: We’ll overdub them.
Micky: Those, and it’ll, we can still carry through all the way to the end?
Peter: Yep. One, two, a-one two three.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

?: Okay.
Peter: You want to practice, Mike?
Mike: No.
?: No, it was us that blew it. Are we gonna anticipate that one?
Peter: Yes, we are. We are gonna anticipate it, and so is Mike.
?: Okay, but—
?: You didn’t anticipate it.
Peter: I did.
?: You did not.
Micky: Well, who cares?! Let’s go!
Peter: One, two, seven twelve thirteen.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

?: What are we gonna do on that? Duh duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh?
Peter: Yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing. You also do some pick-ups that I don’t know about.
?: Oh, don’t worry about those. Those are just—
Peter: Okay. One, two, three.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

Peter: —for this time, and then speed it up for a take after this.
?: Mmkay.
?: Alright.

[instrumental excerpt from “Randy Scouse Git”]

Micky: Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Peter: But uh.
?: You like that?
Micky: No. It, well, it, just, just because it…
Peter: No, I’m not.
Micky: …you can get a, a piece of, you know.
Peter: If you can make it groovy—
?: Mike, I’m gettin’ that buzz again out of that amp.
Peter: —then it might otherwise.
Micky: Really.
Peter: Let’s take out a fast beat.
Micky: Let’s just do it like that. A little bit faster.
Peter: Let’s take it faster then? Hmm?
?: That’s just an A/C buzz. It’s.
Micky: ’Cause I need it. I really do slow.
?: Alright. Here we go.


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