“Pretty Little Princess”

Fare ye well, my pretty little princess
I must go and follow my heart
With the morning wind, I shall depart and
Be away
Fare ye well

But before I go, my dainty little maiden
I will fashion you a sunrise
I will prove my love is for real even
Though I’m gone
Fare ye well

For my kind of love
Is a special kind of tenderness
That one must not hold to know
It must stay free
And follow an endless highway
And in that freedom, it will grow

Though I’m gone and shan’t return
In the corner of my heart will always burn
The tenderness of your caress upon
My cheek
Fare ye well

And one last thing, my dainty little maiden
To prove my love will never die
Is the golden glow of the morning sky I gave
To you
Fare ye well

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