“Peter and James Banter”

James: Maybe you could amuse them while I—
Peter: Ha ha ha. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.
James: The pressure’s on!
Peter: Uh, um, how do you make a whale float? A whale, a little ice cream, lots of root beer.
[crowd groans]
James: Well, never mind. Ha ha ha ha.
Peter: Ha ha ha ha. Gee, James. It’s the best I could come up with under pressure like that.
James: So what’s the next song?
Peter: Um, oh, we’re gonna do this, this was in fact—
James: A song we were gonna write.
Peter: But Paul Simon beat it to it so.
James: It was a [???].
Peter: It was the theme song to a movie we were going to make—
James: That’s right.
Peter: But Paul Simon made the movie before.
James: Yes, he did that too.
Peter: He was kind of cold-blooded that way actually. I never noticed that about him.
James: This is called “One Sick Stony”. It’s about a druggie.
Peter: “One Sick”. Let’s see. One, two.

  1. Live / Backstage @ the Coffee Gallery (2006) (CD).